How Each Zodiac Sign Kisses & Shows Their Affection

What can you expect when you smooch each sign?

Astrological Kissing Guide: How Each Zodiac Sign Kisses And Makes Out getty

Let’s face it: even the staunchest of non-believers in astrology find themselves searching for whether Aries and Leo make a good love match, or if Gemini and Sagittarius can ever get along. 

So, whether you're a believer or just a surreptitious, non-believing searcher, why not unwind with a little bit of fun?

Once you find out how the zodiac signs kiss, you'll know what to expect with regards to that first smooch with the sign of your choice.

A little bit of a disclaimer for this light-hearted guide, though. Start reading it with an enthusiastic fit of giggles, and end on some light-hearted gossip, rather than go into any serious compare and contrast debates.


After all, isn't it fun to discover your zodiac kissing style?

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries kisses, just like their personalities, are a force of heat and enthusiasm.

They dive right in, and they really go quite deep, irrespective of whether it is your first kissing encounter or whether you two have had preliminary match practice. If you were expecting a docile kiss, you really should have had another thought coming, because Aries is never docile, least of all in kissing.

This fire sign’s lustful kiss is one that is really recommended for kissing beginners. Your Aries first kiss should also teach you what to do with your hands while you are kissing.


Unfortunately, in line with their quick and heated, supernova-like starts, you can expect swift and equally efficient cool-downs. So, if you are expecting your Aries kiss tonight, brace yourself with a wall behind you before you get on with this energetic, passionate and lustful lip lock.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)



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Smooching and other such terms seem somewhat inadequate to describe the Taurean brand of kisses.


Taurus sure knows what a kiss should be like and takes a pleasurable go at explaining this to the other mere mortals of the zodiac.

A Taurus lip lock is fine-tuned, seductive and infinitely intimate. Not only are the kissing sequences deliberate and soulfully expressed, but you could easily find yourself drowning in their never-ending abyss.

So, if you are a sucker for romance, Taurus knows how to show a girl the moon and the stars, with a single lingering kiss. If you want Taurus to kiss you, you might want to get on some exquisite fragrance that lingers, and maybe even put on a Victorian mole using your black eyeliner.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini kisses are teasing and entertaining, even when they are soulfully meaningful or casually fun.

Gemini kisses are like no other in the zodiac, for they are intellectually stimulating along with being gently arousing. Their kisses are often preceded with teasing banter, and there's a lot of talking and giggles.

Reminiscent of high school, Gemini can recreate that same charm and heart flutter with a casual build-up, teasing banter and coy smiles. There might even be some juvenile texting and playful phone calls.

The normally confident Gemini guy will take his time, but waiting is a reasonable requirement if you want a perfect kiss that's neither sloppy nor excessively wet. Perfection often requires patience and persistence.


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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer kisses can bring the warmth of the home hearth right to wherever you are. These kisses are like a warm, heartfelt embrace that draw you into a happily ever after style fairy tale.

One can say that Cancer kisses are fantastic paradoxes that can draw you in with magnetic ease. Ever tried to define something that is coy yet cozy, aloof yet engrossing, tender yet playful, and deep and sensual yet casual and flirty? That’s a Cancer kiss for you.

Cancer smooches transcend you to an unreal world where everything’s well-oiled and peachy. Now, who wouldn't get seduced by that? Especially when it's coupled with Cancer’s high emotional quotient and easy sensuality.


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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

No act of Leo’s can be classified as anything other than a show on the world’s stage.

Even in something so personal and intimate, you will always find Leo putting his best foot forward, and any show is bound to be impressive when that happens.

Leo kisses are always described in animalistic adjectives such as wild, uninhibited and feral. Their kiss is never complete without strategic biting, playful nipping and calculated clawing at erogenous zones. There may even be sound effects that can shame even the most brilliant acoustics.

Leo kisses are never spontaneous, even when they seem to be. Yes, this zodiac sign can certainly give into an impulse and give you an impromptu kiss, but in their heads, it's a final and live take.


How else would the admiration-craving Leo get his well-deserved applause, unless his kiss was truly perfect?

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

With Virgo, their expectations of your kiss might just have to come before your expectations of theirs.

As perfectionists of the best kind, Virgos know what the best is, and they know that they deserve it. So, don’t be too sloppy, or too wet, or too fast, or too slow, or too hasty, or not hungry enough, or use too much tongue, or use too little, so on and so forth.

Even the earthiest of Virgo kisses have the ability to teleport your romance into something unreal, for Virgo kisses are imaginative, dreamy and almost as near perfect as kisses can really be. To top it, they are totally heartfelt.


A Virgo’s kiss is quite possibly the only truly selfless one from the zodiac. Your Virgo guy is possibly the only guy who will put your needs and feelings above his own when it comes to where the heart is truly involved.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)



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Libra was made for romance, and romance certainly drips from every single action they take.


Libra kisses draw you in and make you feel like their world revolves around you. Each Libra kiss is bound to make you feel like your happily ever after is closer than you think.

Libra kisses are full of romantic glitter. Chances are, even if you haven't had a Libra partner since forever, you will never forget your first kiss. Because each kiss after the first will have the same passion, romance, and ardor.

Libra is also a generous kisser. He's not the one to shy away after a small peck on the lips; his will linger longer and push you along on a ride that involves tongues, hands, and every bit of your heart and soul. 

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

When Scorpio kisses, he leaves a permanent mark on the psyche of the kissed, somewhat like a hot iron branding.

You will feel the kiss right down to your soul. Scorpio kisses are deep and sensual. They also last long, often with both parties losing track of time and place.

Scorpio kisses are those that can take place anywhere, in any setting, and at any time, even when least expected. You can also encounter some serious creativity in these kisses. 

Even the most casual of Scorpio kisses is an explosion of sorts, an explosion of emotions. So, stay alert and in full consciousness of your facilities, even while you are drugged by the kiss, lest you forget that it was supposed to be just a kiss.


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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

The eternally friendly Sagittarius will never think twice about giving you a friendly kiss here and there, spontaneously and sporadically.

But in order for you to truly get into a romantic lip lock, you are going to have to work a little bit harder.

Sagittarius kisses are like miniature explosions: unpredictable and often accompanied with a lot of drama. There will be laughs and tears, jokes and tickles, even some flirting and playing. The kisses will always be fun, and they will more often than not leave you wanting more and more.


Let Sagittarius know that you are indispensable in their lives. Once you’re there, your kisses will last you a lifetime, for romance with an enthusiastic Sagittarius will never be monotonous, boring and dry.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You know what they say about things that take time, right? The things that make you wait for them often taste infinitely sweeter when you finally get them. It’s the same with Capricorn.


Capricorn is certainly not the most forthright romancer in the zodiac, and neither are they the most outwardly loving, pampering types. But when all the fun and frolic is really over, it's the Capricorn's love that comes closest to the real, lasting kind.

When a Capricorn kisses, you can expect a little reserve, a little tight-lipped awkwardness, and possibly a certain lack of spontaneous passion. But when the conditions are right, you will notice a shift in the tectonic plates of his passion.

Capricorn kisses are full of passionate feeling, style and class. Yes, even the most non-romantic Capricorn knows how to woo his girl in style, and style and class is a fluidly natural expression with this sign.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)



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Aquarians are not just unusual and uncommon in their manners and ways, but they are also the same in their romantic endeavors.

They will often be the ones with the quirkiest take on romance, so one can only imagine the level of ingenuity their kisses may contain. When an Aquarius gets into the groove, their kisses can be absolutely breath-taking — quite literally actually, as you may have to push him away just to suck in some air.


Aquarius kisses have some surprise moves, too. Expect the unexpected with this one, especially with the tongue sequences, and be ready to blush if you are a newbie. Even the most platonic of starts can lead you into deeper, unexplored depths of a kiss that sweeps you both unexpectedly off your feet.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

If you want to be kissed thoroughly up, down, right, left and center, Pisces is your best bet.

They will leave no stone unturned when they give you one of their "lasting for what feels like forever" kisses, and you may quite literally feel like Sleeping Beauty roused from decades of slumber.


Their fervor will leave you panting and dreaming. It takes just one kiss from the Pisces for you to leave the land of the real and slip into their land of the "dreamy and fantastical." That is the power of one Pisces kiss.

There is one and only one way to get a Pisces kiss, and that is to make the Pisces care very deeply for you. You never know — once you do that, you might be in for a long-lasting romance.

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