12 Facts About Taurus You Should Know (But Don't), According To Astrology

Forget everything you thought you thought you knew about Taurus.

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In astrology, Taurus is the second zodiac sign with dates between April 20 and May 20. Its symbol is recognized as a bull. And just like a bull, the Taurus personality can be very unpredictable.

Taurus will definitely surprise you with their patience and stability, seeming more level-headed than most other zodiac signs. As one of the earth signs, they are known to bring a very calming and relaxing vibe to whoever they are with.


Tauruses are loyal, grounded, stable, stubborn, ambitious, and tough. However, they are also the most understanding, patient, easy-going, and organized signs.  Unfortunately, most people tend to focus on their negative attributes and assume that's what they're all about.

There are a lot of things the Taurus zodiac sign doesn't like: insecurities, sudden changes, or complications. But there are just as many things they love, especially friends and family. For every single weakness of a Taurus sign, there are two strengths.

Rather than perceiving them as the rough and tough stereotype, focus on other traits and learn some new Taurus facts.


Surprising Taurus facts

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1. One of the best Taurus traits is their calm attitude.

Several people equate the Taurus to an out-of-control bull in a china shop. In general, Taurus is a pretty calm person. Earth, their ruling element, helps keep them grounded and calm during stressful situations. That being said, this element can also cause them to be a little stubborn and get frustrated when it comes to getting out of their usual schedule. When this happens, Taurus might become a little frustrated, but they work very hard to avoid these situations.

2. Taurus' weakness is their perceived laziness.

Indulging in some luxury every once in a while is no big deal. When it comes to the texture and textile-lover that is the Taurus, living lavishly might happen more often than not. These aren't free rides, though; they work extremely hard to be able to live the kind of life they enjoy most.


Being surrounded by high-quality products and accessories means hard work and dedication to get it. The Bull will use their power to indulge in the things they love. Their love for gardening, cooking, and pretty much any handy work also proves their worth when it comes to their dedication.

3. If Taurus wants to be your friend, it may take some time.

It seems that Taurus can't be bothered to talk or go out to get lunch with you. This isn't the case, however. Taurus would love to spend a long time with you, but they have to get to know you first. They tend to move with caution, not committing to something fully before they've had a few very calculated thoughts.

Because they like to take their time, it can make others think they're being shut out or ignored. If you stick around for a little, you'll end up making a friend for life. They just need to be alone sometimes, and that's okay. 

4. They are more than materialistic.

Everyone can appreciate the finer things in life. Having a closet full of nice clothing and accessories shouldn't take away from the other aspects of the Taurus. Taurus has a very strong work ethic. While they decide to buy the finer things, they also decide to work hard so they deserve them, and share these things with their loved ones. A wardrobe of designer clothing isn't worth it if close friends and family aren't there to share it with them. 


5. Taurus isn't overly possessive.

Some people become part of the bull's comfort zone. When they have built this circle of very important people, they become protective of them. When you date a Taurus or are starting to be friends, they just want consistency, security, and honesty in all friendships and relationships. Making sure everyone they care about is doing okay is their personal goal.

When things stray from this, it can get a little intense, but your friend is just worried about you. Once they see things from your point of view, it'll become a lot easier, and they'll seem less possessive and more supportive. 

6. Taurus will always be there for you.

Taureans are one of the most loyal signs and will always make sacrifices for their loved ones and support them through it all. A Taurus is a best friend for life. Never let that friendship go, even if you get into a fight with a Taurus because you won't want to lose their special bond. There's no other sign that would be there for you 24/7. They aren't just dependent on their friends but they know their friends are dependent on them just as much if not more than what Taurus expects from friends. 

7. Taurus actually likes to plan and be in the know.

Taurus isn't always a lazy, and stubborn perfectionist. In fact, Taurus likes to plan and organize. They don't like planning things last minute or being spontaneous as that can stress them out a lot. They also don't like being in the dark about what's going on in their friends' lives because that will make them feel left out and they will probably guilt trip you rightfully so.


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8. Taurus has the best memory.

A Taurus always has the greatest memory and can remember things from way back when in the past. Unfortunately for Taurus, this can also mean that they can remember things and people in the past that have done them wrong or treated them terribly and Taurus won't forget as they can be vengeful. 


9. Taurus has a hard time seeing betrayal.

This is Taurus' downside as once they let a person in, it's hard for them to ever think that person would do them wrong — and when they do, a Taurus is crushed. A betrayal leads Taurus to develop trust issues and build walls around them. If you break a Taurus' trust as well they will never forgive you afterward too. Once breaking a Taurus' heart, there's no going back to how you used to be. 

10. Taurus can read through anything.

A Taurus will always be able to smell the crap from a mile away. They know how to read people and spot fake people who may come their way. They don't appreciate people wanting to know about them before a Taurus can let them in. They are also great at reading people's true intentions and knowing when and if they should trust someone. 

11. A Taurus should marry a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

As an earth sign, Taurus is extremely grounded and craves stability. The water signs complement these traits very well, making them great Taurus lovers by providing the emotional push Taurus needs to create a very loving and open relationship.


12. Taurus is dangerous because of their stubborn temperament.

It's very difficult to change a Taurus' mind once it's made up, so you'll find it tough to argue with a Taurus. A Taurus may find themselves in heated arguments often, sometimes making them dangerous to be around.

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