Your Weekly Horoscope For June 25 - July 1 Is HERE

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The Best Weekly Horoscope For June 25 - July 1, 2017
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Free horoscope for June 25 - July 1. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

It’s the last week of June and we are heading into the heart of summer. Are you ready?!  

July is one of the hottest months of the year and many of you will feel the heat (and passion!) in a variety of ways. Whether the temperature is rising at work or in the bedroom, you’re up for the challenge! Ease out of June knowing things are only getting better in July. Fireworks aren’t only for the fourth, so be prepared!

Check out your weekly horoscope to see the changes coming your way.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Birthday celebrations are in full swing!

You're enjoying the spotlight — especially any romantic attention that comes your way. When you’re not socializing, you’re getting a list of birthday wishes together. You're a firm believer that if you put your wishes out there, they'll come true. Luck is on your side! A couple days at the start of the week offer some new financial opportunities.

As you enter into July, you’ll have a newfound sense of confidence and optimism. Maybe it’s all the birthday love or just that you’re ready for a positive change... Whatever it is, embrace it and go into your birthday month with a smile ready to blow out all your birthday candles!

Cancer's weekly theme song: Come & Get It —Selena Gomez

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Leo (July 23 - August 22): You're already gearing up for your birthday month.

Sure, it's still only the last week in June — but you’re not one to procrastinate. You’re already on your new diet or exercise plan. You’ve been browsing birthday dresses for weeks now and you want to make sure you’re feeling fabulous when the time comes!

In the meantime, some financial opportunities emerge at the end of the week. You'll know when to use your intuition and jump on something good. You’re also ready to switch things up in your daily routine. As July approaches, you’re ready for new and different adventures. It might be a new favorite restaurant or a new look — anything to freshen things up. After all, the ruler of the jungle desires only the finest!

Leo's weekly theme song: Mr. President —Pia Mia

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22): You’re ready to shine and enjoy the summer.

You start the week with the urge to get out of town or at least plan a trip you can take soon. You desperately need some R&R — and you deserve it! If you can’t quite get those vacation days, you’ll at least make the most of your weekends.

As July approaches, you’re saying yes to nearly every invitation you get. Hey, you're great at networking and you never know when you'll meet a great partner in crime for work or romance! Don’t go in with any expectations. Just have fun and bring joy — that’s what makes forging a deep connection even more interesting.

So pull out those stylish summer shades and your favorite sundress, because it’s time for you to dazzle!

Virgo's weekly theme song: The Way —Ariana Grande (feat. Mac Miller)

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Libra (September 23 - October 22): This week gives you a taste of what awaits in July.

Your career is really important for you right now, and many new opportunities become available to you starting this week. If you’ve been waiting for a promotion or a new job, now through early July is the time you finally hear back. You're meeting more influential people and clients and growing your business.

You’re also garnering some social and romantic attention this weekend. Don’t let it all go to your head, though! This is all great news, but you'll have to work harder during these lovely summer months to get ahead like you want to. No one said you can’t make calls from the heated pool… just don’t get your phone wet!

Libra's weekly theme song: All The Rage Back Home —Interpol

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Things are getting steamy!

You’re more than willing to jump on a romantic getaway (if you can). If you can’t get out of town this week, you’re excitedly planning a trip for sometime over the next few weeks. Coupled Scorpios will definitely make it a vacation for two.

Single Scorpios should look to go somewhere where they can mingle and meet other available people. Your star is HOT right now and you’re not shy about putting your desires out there. You’re not a mind-reader, and you're pretty sure no one else is so subtlety isn't your concern. Enjoy, that’s what vacations are for! Leave those inhibitions behind and you never know who you’ll meet.

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Wild Thoughts —DJ Khaled (feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller)

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Your week starts off on a romantic note, but soon turn your attention towards work.

Things have been slower than you like but you can sense that they are picking up now. This week you'll see some actual movement on projects. If contracts or paperwork are involved, you need to be ready to compromise — but not completely cave! You know what you have to offer. Sure, you’ll listen to what the other party has to say and maybe come to a few new clauses or agreements, but don’t sell yourself short just because you’re anxious to get started.

Your days of feeling unstimulated are over! It’s time to get moving and shaking, and you’ll enter July ready to conquer everything with a smile on your face.

Sagittarius's weekly theme song: Season (Waiting On You) —Future Islands

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Everything is your life is starting to stabilize.

You're pretty consistent at work and in caring for those you love, so you certainly don’t enjoy when people aren't that way with you. But you're grounded, and know not everyone in the world can be exactly like you (so unfortunate!).

Stay positive as July approaches. Things are about to improve all around. Communication will be better between you and others, and your closest relationships are about to get a lot better. Take a break from work when you need it. We’re not saying you should up and quit your job, but take some time off and enjoy a nice long weekend. You deserve it!

Capricorn's weekly theme song: While We're Young —Jhene Aiko

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): This week brings you just the opportunities you’ve been looking for.

We're talking about both your love life AND career. You'll start seeing signs of a return in the projects and relationships you've been putting extra energy into. You’re bursting with ideas and ready to share your genius with others.

Of course, your radiant light and positivity attract others to you. So don’t be surprised if you begin July with new admirers and job offers. Just remember to take time for yourself before you burn out. It is the summer after all and you, just like everyone else, will want a bit of a break eventually!

Aquarius's weekly theme song: That's Me Right There —Jasmine V (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20): You’re in quite a dreamy mood.

You can’t stop thinking about summer romance, whether you’re already involved or single and looking to meet someone. Coupled Pisces are planning a romantic getaway as soon as July.

In the meantime, don’t ignore some stellar opportunities coming your way in your career this week. Try to keep your focus during the day — on your job and your health, meaning don’t skip that hike because you stayed up too late on that date... make it a day date instead! You’ll enjoy being with someone who wants to be outdoors and healthy too.

Find the best balance you can right now. You’re allowed to daydream about love, but make sure you don’t neglect the basics!

Pisces's weekly theme song: WILD —Troye Sivan (feat. Alessia Cara)

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Aries (March 21 - April 19): Family and home life take priority this week.

You're spending time with family and looking to make your place homier (or find another place that suits you better). Whatever it is, your emotional side is out right now. Though you’re still working hard and making good strides in your career, you’ve made enough progress to take a slight breather and address other issues you’ve had less time for.

There’s nothing wrong with some family BBQs and fun times with good friends. You can’t work all summer long so get ready for some fun times ahead!

Aries's weekly theme song: Thinking Of A Place —War On Drugs

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Sometimes you can be the strong, silent type — but not this week!

You’re gushing with emotions and words. Whether you’re blowing up your Instagram with inspirational photos and quotes or tweeting the wisest words you’ve ever uttered, you want people to know what’s on your mind and in your heart. Don’t be shy (not that you ever are, anyway).

Get your thoughts out there! People are happy to hear what you’ve got to share and you’ll feel very refreshed and liberated going into the new month. The more you share, the more others will share their feelings with you and that’s a nice, warm way to start the hot month of July.

Taurus's weekly theme song: There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back —Shawn Mendes

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20): You’ve got some real star power this week!

You want to be seen and heard, and your audience wants to see and hear you. Whether you’re being asked to speak publicly at work or you’re self-advertising all over your social media, you're meant to be front and center! Your light is especially bright mid-week so get your thoughts organized and your hair and nails done, because people are watching.

All of this exposure could bring some sort of raise or salary increase. Maybe you’re even the one raising the funds. It’s definitely something to celebrate, but don’t buy that summer yacht yet… wait and see how consistent this new flow is before you break the bank.

Gemini's weekly theme song: Unforgettable —French Montana (feat. Swae Lee)

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