The Dating App Men Like Most Because They Think The Women On It Are Easy

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dating app men like most


The world of dating apps is such a twisted web, don’t you think? I mean, at first, everyone thought they were just for hooking up. But then the people who wanted serious relationships were trying to defend the potential of Tinder and Bumble.

However, while they seemed like respectable ways to find a life partner for a while, it all spiraled downhill as society deemed these dating sites fit for perverts and creeps.

But this survey really helps solidify that dating apps are mostly considered a means to hook up. In fact, this is the dating app men like most because they think women are easy on it.

Can you guess which one it is? Yes, you probably got it right: it's Tinder.

The guys who love Tinder for its hookup potential seem to be overwhelmingly nerdy, angry, and big fans of taking out their underused testosterone on Reddit. One of these Reddit bros decided to ask the site’s users which dating app they liked better: Tinder or Bumble. The response was overwhelming and Bumble got a whole lot of hate.

“I tried both [apps] for two years and I never got a date,” said Reddit user byunboy. “I did get [a] couple matches on Tinder and even less on Bumble. Girls on Bumble have way higher standards than those on Tinder. Most of the time girls never respond and I initiated 100 percent of all conversations.”

Is it just me or doesn’t it seem strange that they don’t want a girl with high standards? I mean, aren’t high standards a good thing in a potential partner?

Another guy was hating on Bumble because it doesn’t allow you to constantly message women who are clearly uninterested.

“Quite a few matches on Bumble end up in nothing, with no messages exchanged,” said Reddit user fanboyhunter. “At least on Tinder you can say something, even if they ignore you.”

Other feedback on the thread included:

“Bumble sucks. I get plenty of matches, but only one has ever actually messaged me. It’s a total waste of time.”

“Bumble is where the girls who can’t get laid on Tinder go. Tinder works fine for me.”

“Bumble [is] for professional women who don’t go for bartenders like me (even if it’s at a cool craft brewery)."

I don’t know if these guys realize how easy it is for women to get laid in almost every single situation.

So, while these Reddit bros seem to hate Bumble because they can’t use it to stalk women, often get denied, and think that it’s only for successful women who don’t want to date losers, this might mean that getting on Bumble could be one epic decision for all the ladies out there.