Dear Huma: Do NOT Let Anthony Weiner Back In Your House!

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huma abedin anthony weiner reconciling

That man has screwed you over enough.

Dear Huma:

According to the news, you have invited Anthony Weiner back into your home.

You may even be considering reconciling with the disgraced politician who, among other things, was caught sexting with a minor girl

As someone who has toyed with the idea of going back to men that I know are no good for me and will probably hurt me again, I feel as though I should give you my two cents. 

I don’t know why you are reportedly considering stopping your divorce proceedings. I don't know if you’re hoping to resolve all the wrongdoing and heartache you’ve endured in this relationship, or if your divorce attorney has suggested that you bring him back into your home for legal reasons.

I just need you to know that you deserve SO much better.

Isn’t 2017 supposed to be the year of women taking control of their lives?

As someone who is trying to find her voice and her confidence to be her own person, I want to tell you ALL of the reasons you deserve so much better than Anthony Weiner.

First, this guy is TOTALLY killing your career.

Not only are you already judged in the public eye for being married to Anthony Weiner, a guy who clearly can’t keep it in his pants, but YOU are in the public eye yourself — and as a political figure and a feminist, no less.

You’ve got sh*t to do, girl. Do you really want to keep a man around who has embarrassed you publicly again and again?

Listen, I know that sometimes men cloud even the strongest woman’s judgment, but this just isn’t good for you.

Not to mention, you have a child watching all of this!

We’ve all seen the pictures, Huma — taking nudes in front of your kid should be a HUGE red flag for any parent.

Your son is young enough to still be in that impressionable stage; it’s now or never to let him know that sexting with a minor and going to jail aren’t things he should look forward to once he grows up. If you think about anyone while you’re going through these tough decisions right now, please let it be your son, and what you’d want for him in the future.

Letting him move back into your home is just asking for more trouble, and setting a really bad example for your son about how women should be treated and about what love looks like.

In all honesty, I’m sure he was more than comfortable living on his mother’s couch — you should probably just let him stay there.

Clearly, the house you shared together is nothing to sniff at, and if you want to sign the lease for another year, then, by all means, go for it. But just remember how much it hurt to not only know that he was cheating by sexting other women throughout your marriage, but that everyone knows what he did, too.

To forgive is certainly divine, but there’s a limit to everything.

Going through a divorce sucks. And being a single mother is hard. When you’re dealing with a full-time job and raising a child, there isn’t a lot of time for much else, so having someone around to help is a godsend.

But it doesn’t have to be the man who has been causing you so much public (and probably private, too) shame you since 2011 (yes, that long!). The man who begged forgiveness, claimed to have a sex addiction, and then hurt you yet again.

Sometimes, Huma, the hardest decisions to make end up being the ones that turn things around for the better.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, and while I think I know how I would deal if I were in this situation, we’re all human. Sometimes, things change and you can’t stand by what you said you’d do. I know that. And I'm not trying to judge. I just think that I, like the rest of the world, want you to be happy and successful. 

So don’t just think about how you feel now, as he gets ready to move back in.

Think about how you felt every time another one of his scandals came out; surely, it broke your heart to know that your husband could do this to you, and could do it more than once. Would that Huma take him back?

The past can’t be erased, but YOU can define your future in this pivotal moment. You’re in charge, Huma. Make the right decision for yourself and your son. You deserve so much better, don’t you think?


Someone who knows there’s something better for you out there.