Today's Horoscope For Monday May 29th Is Here — And It's GOOOD!

The BEST Free Daily Horoscope For Monday May 29th
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Today's horoscope for Monday, May 29th is here and it's fabulous!

Your zodiac signs have some pretty interesting things in store for you.

Some of you will need to reconnect with loved ones ... 

While others need to take things a bit easier and let the universe and astrology do it's job!

But most of all, a lot of you will just be having a great old time today!

So scroll down to find YOUR zodiac sign and see what the stars have in store for you.


It's time to let yourself shine.

Wear something bold today to stand out from the crowd.

You will be having a very chatty day filled with laughs so soak it up and have fun!

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You may be feeling like you're being pulled from all directions.

But you're a strong Cancer and can handle it, so don't freak out.

If things don't go exactly as planned, just accept that the universe has its way of doing things.

You will get back on track shortly.

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You'll be getting a call from a friend that needs some serious advice.

Go easy on them, they are confused and need you to lean on.

But as usual, you are full of amazing things to tell your friend(s) and this moment will take you far.

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Don't be quick to jump the gun today.

Think through any obstacles that may come your way before making a final decision.

It might even be a good idea to sleep on whatever it is you are thinking.

Time isn't of the essence on this, so you have the ability to really weigh your options.

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Although you love balance, patience isn't your strong point.

Take it easy today and don't let the little things ruin your day.

Breathe through it and remember there's always tomorrow!

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There's no need to rush into any big life changes yet.

Talk to a friend you know has your best interest at heart.

It might be a good day to just take it easy, take in all that is around you and meditate on it.

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It's a good time to make that call. You know the one I'm talking about. The one you've been avoiding.

Yes, it's time to call home. They miss you and it'll be good to hear from you.

But don't spend the whole day dedicated to others.

Make sure to take some time to do what YOU want to do!

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What does your heart want?

This is a good time to figure that out because things will be moving quickly for you shortly.

All good things that will advance your life in the right direction, so have no worries!

You're on your way!

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Is there a romantic partnership you're involved in or want to be involved in? 

Today is the day to either make the first move or propel your current relationship further.

Everything you're hoping for is bound to come to fruition soon because your dreams are based on logic.

Go get 'em!

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Your creative energy is on FIRE today!

Put that energy to use by visiting a museum, going to a show, or just writing down your feelings.

You are completely inspired today, so use that to start something you've been meaning to do!

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Today will be the day that everyone notices your hard work!

If things don't seem to be going you way, it's OK. 

Everything will be sorted out eventually so just take the day as it comes and breathe through the little annoyances.

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Though you may not be a fan of change, it could be required today.

Things are at a turning point for you right now and decisions need to be made.

But don't hop on board of anything you're uncomfortable with.

Think everything through before you make a final choice.

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