What Guys Find The MOST Attractive In A Woman

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how to tell if a guy likes you
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You'll be surprised...

Attraction is a tricky beast. I happen to find a man with a bit of a "dad bod" talking about his favorite types of cats the sexiest thing on planet Earth. But to someone else (someone insane) that might not be considered to be "hot as hellm" as I am told the children are saying these days. 

If you're trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you, there's only surefire answer: ask him. Of course, not many of us do this. Because it's scary as hell to ask a men to tell you what he really thinks or feels. Those people brave to answer the question of how to tell if a guy likes you by straight-up ASKING him should receive medals. 

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Instead of focusing on whether or not the guy likes you, why not learn what guys find attractive in the first place? That way, instead of getting hung up examining him for some sort of sign you can't read to begin with, you can focus on being the sexiest possible version of yourself. 

AND you don't need to go changing yourself for a dude, either! Because it turns out the stuff they find attractive you either can't control OR comes from you being your best damn awesome self! How do I know? Because I asked a group of anonymous men to tell me what they find sexiest about a woman. 

Okay dudes, what's the sexiest thing about a woman?

  • "Big tits and a big ass."
  • "Her voice."
  • "Her attitude. Sexy women *think* they're sexy. And it helps if they're good people but a little by "naughty" (which probably means something different to everyone)."
  • "Such a goddamned eye-rolling stereotype, but, her mind. How into sex she is, how driven by it she is, how much she'll address it and make her desires clear."
  • "Her smile. That sounds like BS, because, yeah, curves and faces and sense of humor are huge. But there's something about a crooked, knowing smile that KILLS ME every time."
  • "I think the sexiest thing about a woman is the mystery that she represents. The idea of being able to discover new things about her is just so attractive to me. A lot of it is physical — like what kind of panties she's wearing, or what she'd look like during sex, but some of it is discovering simple things, too, like the way her eyes light up when she's honestly happy or how she looks when she pouts."
  • "That curve on the side of her neck — kills me!"

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  • "You're gonna think I'm being a dork, but her laugh. Man, the way a woman laughs can be such a turn on."
  • "Mouth stuff! Lips, smile, voice... it's all tops."
  • "Sexual aggression."