The 7 Things You Eat That You Had No Idea Were Giving You Bad Breath

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7 Common Foods That Give You Bad Breath

He's never going to kiss you if you smell like that!

When you've got a hot date coming up, it's totally normal to freak out about every last thing.

Does the outfit you've got planned for the night make your butt look good? Will she be a good kisser or a bad kisser? Does he harbor a secret desire to turn you into a flesh suit a la Buffalo Bill?

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit extreme. But you catch my drift.

Dates make us all nervous! 

Me? I usually spend the final hours before a first date looking up stuff like "foods that give you bad breath" and despairing over my culinary choices. 

Why is it that foods that give you bad breath are also usually the foods that are the most delicious?

Because god is cruel and doesn't want you kissing anyone.


If you're like me and get nervous about bad breath ruining a first date, here are 7 foods you've got to watch out for! 

1. Coffee


Ah, sweet, sweet coffee. 

I mean, sweet until it meets your mouth, interacts with your bodily juices and creates an acid based gas that can take paint off walls. 

Nobody wants to make out with a coffee burping machine. 

Unless I guess you are REALLY desperate for a caffeine boost. 

2. Kombucha 


He was willing to spend the night even when he discovered the kombucha mother growing on your windowsill.

But then you locked lips for a major kiss and the sweet, stanky, rotten orange taste of aldehyde hit him and he started running and never looked back.

Hippies, there's another way! Why not try switchel? It's a vinegar-based drink that actually KILLS the  bacteria that causes bad breath. 

3. Indian Curry 


That's right, and nobody is surprised.

Any food that smells exactly the same coming out of your body as it smelled going into your body is not going to be kind to your breath. 

Or your date's mouth. 

4. Onions 


You love onions, and why wouldn't you? Onions are delicious.

But they are also packed with amino acid alliin which makes your breath smell like a dad's armpit. 

Thankfully you can eat all the onions you want and still kiss for years and years ... if you get your date to eat them too! 

5. Gyros 


Oh sure, you think, grab a gyro and go for a romantic walk together.

That's all well and good until you realize you are feasting on the trifecta of mouth stank:

High acid tomatoes, all of the onions, and so much dairy! 

6. Tuna fish sandwiches


It's one thing to get all classy AF and eat a tuna steak on a date.

It is another thing to whip out a tuna sandwich, feast on it, and then be like "WHY WILL NO ONE KISS ME?"

The combo of the fishiness of tuna and the long lasting power of mayo make for bad breath that tends to stick around. 

7. Garlic


Garlic is delicious. It's also great for your heart! 



It also contains allyl methyl sulfide, that's what gives it that powerful, long lasting smell.

And here's where it gets crazy, once you eat that stuff it stays in your bloodstream, entering your lungs, which means you can give off a garlicky aroma for DAYS after ingesting the stuff. 

Luckily, there's no food so potent that a thorough tooth brushing and time won't get rid of it eventually. 

It's normal to be nervous about having bad breath when you're kissing someone, especially someone new.

Just remember, we're ALL human, and bad breath happens. 

But maybe carry some mints around with you, just to be safe!