5 Sexy Things Leo Women Do That Men Can't RESIST

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Natural-born leaders in AND out of the bedroom.

Fire. That’s, quite literally, the word that describes a Leo’s type. I swear I didn’t make that up! It’s the plain truth. Being a Leo, I can tell you straight from the source that we’re passionate, natural-born leaders who dominate both in AND out of the bedroom.

Being a Leo definitely has its benefits when it comes to sex. We dominate, we’re powerful yet we’re still extremely considerate of our partner(s). As a zodiac sign, we’re also super creative, WAY passionate, pretty generous and warm-hearted behind closed doors.

It’s true — a woman with Leo as her zodiac sign is the PERFECT walking contradiction; we’re tough yet we’re sweet, we take what’s ours yet know when to share and most of all, our self-confidence radiates right off of our skin.

But one thing is for sure — men are SUPER charmed by us. Here's why Leo women are so damn sexy:

1. We are dominant women.


Okay, maybe this seems to be a negative trait. But it's not! You must remember that we only become domineering when it comes to a little bedroom action, and trust me — men love it. How could they resist? What man doesn't want a woman who takes control?

We never let a moment go undone and when it comes to sex, this is definitely a GREAT thing. Who wants to leave it up to your partner the whole time? Most likely guys get you extra hot seeing how in control she is and dammit, we'll let you sit back and enjoy. No questions asked, baby.

2. We get PRETTY dang creative.


There won’t be a moment of awkwardness or uncertainty. In any given situation we know how to think on our feet and the final product will always be top notch. Why shouldn’t this go for the bedroom, too? Even if a guy's not sure he's ready to do that ultra-cool move he saw in that porno and only in his wildest dream it would actually turn out that way ... just leave it to us Leos. He won’t have a choice and it’s okay because we'll make his wildest dreams come true.

Most likely, we'll do the move better than imagined in the first place (duh). It’ll seem like it came out of nowhere but it didn’t. It’s just our natural-born instinct to ROCK IT in bed.

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3. We're really, really passionate.


Whatever choice Leo women make in the bedroom, we do it with all of our hearts. It doesn’t even matter what we do, we do it with all the care in the world.

Face it — we care about guys' needs as well as her own, so we damn well know our intimate experiences should be made up of passionate moments. And passion equals MEMORABLE. We know every moment can be pleasurable if we allow it to be. 

4. We're always up for an adventure.


Or should I say, we're always ready to get down and dirty.

That’s right, you heard right. If your lovely lady is a Leo then we'll most likely always be in the mood. Even if you catch her off guard, she’ll find that spark in her to ignite the burning flame of all that is sexy just to please you, baby (cue Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”).

Part of the charm of Leo women is our courageous behavior and willingness to take part in any adventure that may come our way. So, the motto “whenever, wherever” can totally be applied to us. You name the place and just tell us when. We’ll be there, babes.

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5. We are confident in our own skin (if you haven't noticed).


Yeah, we’ve established this but I’m going to take this one step further. Since a Leo is oh-so- confident in her own skin (we’re also dramatic and love the theater) then that means we can fulfill any fantasy of yours.

Let’s say you’re a dude that’s into some kinky outfits. Or, some role-play, you say? Look no further than a Leo, baby. We’ll throw on that superman cape or slutty-school- girl outfit in no time. Hand us that whip and we’ll be sure to whip you right into shape! We’ll not only do it, but we’ll do it without hesitation. It’s in our blood. Because we KNOW we make this look good. *wink*