17 Unexpected Things Women Think Are Sexy As Hell

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what women find attractive

We LOVE that little thing you do. Yeah ... that thing.

I've always said that the other sex would be shocked by what women find attractive.

It's easy to figure out what most men think is attractive. 

You just boost your boobs up high, wear a short skirt, take care of them (without smothering them) and drink beer with the boys. 

Boom. Perfect woman, according to straight men. Done. 

But what women find attractive in men is hard to lump up into one delicious and sexy stereotype. 

Women find men at their most of attractive, usually, when they have no idea they are doing anything sexy at all. 

Here are 17 examples of times what women find attractive about men that guys have NO clue are so effing hot:

1. When the sexiest selfies they take are the ones they have NO IDEA are sexy. No posing, no flexing. Just their random, day-to-day selfies.

2. When they dance so awkwardly. 


3. When they fumble to button the top button of their shirt. 

4. When they make grocery lists before heading to the store, but then forget them. 

5. When their hair looks insane right when they get out of bed and they have no clue. 

6. When they talk to themselves when they think no one's listening. 

7. When they use that special voice to talk to their dog. 


8. When they always say hello to people on the street. 

9. When they guide you through a crowd. 

10. When they play with little kids. 

11. When they're holding a kitten and they kiss it on the head. 


12. When they cook for you.

13. When they open the door for you.

14. When they fix stuff ... especially without being asked to do it.

15. When they face the faucet in the shower and let the water run over them. 

16. When they talk first thing in the morning and still have that scruffy "morning voice".

17. When they lean against something casually, and just happen to be hot as hell.