5 Things That Make Cancer Women Completely And Utterly Irresistible

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There's something about Cancer women that makes everyone around them feel like they are special and loved. With ladies like Solange Knowles and Aubrey Plaza being born under the Zodiac sign, it is easy to see why Cancers are so freaking amazing (and gorgeous ... I mean, c'mon).

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Cancers bring together a mix of emotional availability, loyalty, and selflessness that is a constant reminder why we love the sign so much. They are the type of people who put others first in any situation.

It's hard to choose what we love best about the sign, but we picked our top five fave qualities of this sign to help you understand why Cancer women are so, well ... AMAZING:

1. She is an AMAZING cook


Cancer knows the quickest way to someone's heart is through their stomach. She loves spending time with the people she loves most and what better way to bond with you than by cooking for you?

Not only does having the ability to cook you amazingly yummy dishes make a Cancer attractive, but it means she knows how to take care of herself. Having a Cancer in your life who knows how to cook AND is independent? You just hit the jackpot.

2. She's an all-or-nothing kind of girl


Cancer puts her everything into all that she does. If you know a Cancer, then you know that she never gives less than 100% effort. Her tenacity gets her VERY far in life, whether that be at work, in school, or in a relationship.

Once a Cancer sets her eyes on something (or someone) she wants, she doesn't stop until she gets it. Her determination is admirable and the people in her life look up to her as a role model. Cancers teach her friends and family how to be go-getters in life.

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3. She trusts her gut

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Cancer is a very intuitive sign who always goes with her gut. She prides herself in making informed choices in life, whether that be with relationships or personal choices. If something doesn't feel right to a Cancer, there's NO WAY she'll go through with it.

What's even better about Cancer's incredible intuition is that she is always there to steer her best friends in the right direction. You can always trust a Cancer to give you great advice.

4. She's TOTALLY selfless


Cancer loves helping the people in her life and she's always jumping at the chance to be there for someone. If you have a relationship with a Cancer, then you know she will always put you first, no matter what.

Cancer's selfless nature makes her attractive on the inside, not just the outside. She can sometimes be a little hard to crack at first, but once you have a Cancer on your side, you are set for life.

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5. She has a big imagination


Cancer is one of most idealistic signs. She loves to dream and she looks at the world with rose-colored glasses. Cancer can sometimes be a little pessimistic if things don't go as planned, but that never stops her from trying again.

Cancer loves to bring her imagination to the bedroom and with a little persuasion, it's hard to say no to a Cancer. She meshes well with people who are open-minded like her because she'll always want to try new things.