What Makes A Cancer Happy?

Happy as a crab.

What Makes A Cancer Happy? F8 studio/Shutterstock.com

Born between June 21 - July 22, Cancers are the sweethearts of the zodiac.

Some may also think of them as the cry babies of the zodiac, but sadness is not their default setting.

Cancers are deeply emotional, so any feeling they feel is bold and consuming.

Sure, they can easily cry when they are feeling blue because of this intensity, but they also feel happiness just as much.

So, what makes a Cancer happy?

Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family. Being close to people that they love touches their heart in a special way.


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The common mythology behind the symbol of Cancers is the crab that Hercules fought in his 12 Labors, but there is another origin of the Cancer crab.

In Babylonian culture, the crab was thought to be an earthly incarnation of a spiritual guide between worlds.


The Babylonian crab would lead souls to the afterlife bridging the spiritual and physical worlds.

Cancers care deeply for living creatures, both humans and animals alike, and even the inanimate projects that they do, so making them happy can spread that joy to those around them quite easily too.

Cancers are Cardinal zodiac signs who initiate projects through their emotions, and when they do this leads to happiness for them.

Here are some things that make Cancers happy, per astrology, based on their zodiac sign:

1. Taking care of their pets.

Cancers have a special love for animals. Because of their emotional and spiritual strengths, Cancers connect with animals in a unique way.


Cancers are nurturers and love caring for animals.

As much as their pets depend on them, Cancers depend on their pets for peace, comfort, and happiness.

One of their favorite things to do is play with animals. The pet’s pure uninhibited joy uplifts Cancers to that same level of joy.

Cancers also love to just sit at home and cuddle with their pets warming their hearts and connecting their spirits.

2. Standing up for the little guy.

Cancers are very nurturing. The moon is their ruling “planet” and water is their element, both are tied to nurturing growth and providing protection and healing. Cancers care deeply for others.

They are also a cardinal sign meaning that Cancers are initiators, action takers.


Cancers feel most fulfilled when standing up for someone or participating in activism—Nelson Mandela is a Cancer.

This zodiac sign wants to see peace and happiness in the world and will use all of their abilities to help achieve that.

3. Expressing themselves.

Cancers are strongly attuned to their emotions.

They can’t bottle up their emotions for long if they try, and they usually don’t want to in the first place.

A great outlet for these emotions is through creativity.

Cancers enjoy music, art, dance, writing, etc. because they can express themselves freely and create beauty.

Every Cancer in my life is a musician, and that is no coincidence.


Music allows them to express their thoughts and feelings through words and abstract sounds.

Creating literal harmonies bring harmony to Cancers’ sense of self and challenges.

Even when made from painful emotions, music and other art forms bring Cancers joy because it allows for release, resolution, and growth.

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4. Family.

Cancers’ desire for connection as well as their nurturing abilities all stemming from the moon and water element make Cancers prioritize their families.

Although Cancers can be flighty in many aspects of their lives due to their Cardinal modality, they are loyal and committed to the people that they care for.


Family is one of their first and most long-lasting commitments.

Family is there from the beginning and throughout growing up, so Cancers are dedicated to caring for the members of their family and dedicated to nurturing and protecting the family relationships.

Sure, individuals of a family ebb and flow throughout life and may end up in different places, but Cancers refuse to fall out and lose touch because their family brings them so much love and happiness.


5. Dreaming.

With the moon as their ruler, Cancers are deeply connected to the night.

In our dreams, we uncover our subconscious desires, work through our daytime problems, and imagine wonderful, impossible things.

All of these things appeal to Cancers. Cancers can use their dreams to escape the hardships of life or confront them.

Whether positive or negative emotions, dreaming helps Cancer work through and make sense of their feelings.

Dreams can also provide inspiration for their many creative endeavors.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.