The Mid-Year Resolution You NEED To Make (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

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Winter Resolutions Zodiac Astrology

Hey, the year isn't over yet. Get back in the game!

If you are feeling the chill in the air like I am, then you know that the autumn season is right around the corner. Before we know it, winter will be here, along with the holidays and the END of 2016 (ouch).

You might feel differently, but personally, I'm thinking, "HALLELUJAH!"


At this point in the year, you might be excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas and snow, but you might also be asking yourself, "Did I do everything I wanted to this year?" It's a perfect time to reflect on the past year and look forward to what the next year will have in store for you.

But if you feel like you didn't get any closer to your goals these past few months, DON'T WORRY! This year is far from being over and you still have a lot of time to work on your year-end resolutions.

Mid-year resolutions are like New Year's resolutions except you try to accomplish them before the year ends instead of making them for the next year. Short-term planning.

Think of them as a way to still end on a high note — even if the first half of the year didn't go exactly as you planned. 

Look at it this way: the leaves are starting to change and fall from the trees — it's a spiritual period. Let it represent the shedding of bad memories or the getting ready for new beginnings.


However you see the changing of the seasons, one thing is always the same: there is something about autumn that brings us all a renewed sense of hope (and let's not forget ... pumkin spice lattes. I mean, let's be real.)

Take some time right now to think about what you wanted most from 2016. Was that a new job? Did you want to meet someone new? Maybe you wanted to try something you've never done before.

Maybe you don't know what you wanted, which makes these mid-year resolutions even MORE important for you to achieve.

Use the stars as a guide to make your own resolutions; each Zodiac sign needs something different to follow and has their own priorities, so using astrology can make it easier to figure out what that is and which direction you should be taking. You GOT this.

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

You are always on the go, looking for the next big adventure. While it is true that Aries can be very confident and social, how much time do you spend just doing nothing? Without working, partying, or going on dates, how  many hours in a day or a week are you just being lazy?

There is nothing wrong with being lazy every so often. You might not even realize it, but always being on can actually be very draining. Take some time for yourself to just stay in and relax; even if it is for an afternoon or a weekend, learn how to have fun just doing nothing, INCLUDING not being on social media. That way, when you really do need to take some time off, you'll know just how to rest before getting back to your busy lifestyle.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

Change might be hard for you, but sometimes you just need to jump in with both feet. It is easy for Taurus to get so caught up in feeling comfortable that they end up missing out on new experiences. When you get too comfortable in your routine, you end up becoming boring or predictable.

Think of change as growth; you can only move forward if you are growing, right? Not every change is going to be for the better, but the hardest choices to make end up making you a better person. Before the year ends, make the decision that might be holding you back from a big change; you never know what could happen.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini loves being around friends and having a good time with them, but ask yourself this: how well do you really know yourself? You might be spending too much time with others to make any time yourself.

This winter, spend some serious downtime alone. Learn how to be your own best friend so that you can be a better friend to others. There is nothing wrong with canceling plans with others so that you can stay in and do your favorite things alone. Sometimes, that is exactly what you need.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is such a loyal friend to those they care about the most. You take a lot of pride in being there for your best friends, which they appreciate. That said, because you are attached to the faces around you, you aren't always open to meeting new people.

Dealing with strangers isn't your forte and you can often be suspicious of opening up to those who don't know you as well as your best friends do. Before the year ends, get to know someone new and let them get to know you, too; not only will you make a new friend, but you will also get out of your comfort zone.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

As a Leo, you know that you have a very dominant personality. You are used to being well-liked and in the middle of attention. This can be a great quality because you are also a good leader, but the attention can sometimes go to your head.

You already know that you are a generous person, so use that generosity to take yourself out of the spotlight and help someone who needs it. Make a plan to help a friend prepare for a big interview or move into her new apartment; whatever opportunity presents itself to you, take the chance to be more selfless.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Practical and hardworking, Virgo can sometimes be all work and no play. Instead of taking a break from working every so often, it is easy for you to get so caught up in your head that you forget to do what you want, not just what you have to do.

Your winter resolution should center around you taking a break from your rigorous work schedule; tell yourself that play is just as important as work. If it makes it easier for you, schedule a day off into your week. Use that time to go to an amusement park or to she spa; somewhere you can have ultimate relaxation and fun.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Libra is the type of person to make peace and fairness look effortless. You spend so much time making sure everyone around you is happy that you sometimes forget that avoiding conflict is not resolving anything.

Think about all of the times this year that you have tried to give up your own happiness to make someone else feel better; did that really make everything okay? Probably not. Before the year is over, confront your fears by expressing what YOU want in a disagreement. It is important for you to remember that your voice is just as valuable as everyone else's; not everybody is going to be happy with every decision you make, but at least they know that you can and will stand up for yourself.

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

No one is more passionate and brave than a Scorpio is; in everything you do, you bring excitement and leadership. You are very social, and you love meeting new people and getting to know them. On the other hand, though, you can be quick to keep your own life a secret.

You value honesty in all of your relationships, but you tend to shy away from opening up to people too much. Consider practicing what you preach not only so that others will see you as the brave and dedicated person you know you are, but so that you can learn to trust and love yourself a little more.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

You are the perfect mix of energy and curiosity, Sagittarius, which makes you a fast and loyal friend. You know how to make others happy and you build your friends up often. You like being on the go, trying new things, and meeting new people.

While these are great qualities to have, not everyone vibes the way you do. If you don't click with someone on the first try, you can easily move onto the next person. As a Sagittarius, you can be very impatient, which is frustrating to those who know you. Follow the flow of the changing seasons and take these last few months a little slower. Find that balance between ball of energy and patient friend by listening and learning instead of always just talking and moving forward.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

Your serious and practical demeanor is nothing to sniff at, Capricorn. You know how to get shit done and everyone around you takes notes when you're in charge. You can be very stubborn when you know what you want, but other times, you only expect the worst.

You're not always pessimistic, but when you are, nothing can get you out of your funk. Practice adopting a more optimistic state of mind. It might not always be practical, but it can make you a more positive person and open your eyes to even more opportunity in life. You know what it takes to succeed and there is no reason you shouldn't feel like you deserve it all.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Aquarius, you know how to be such a good friend, which makes it easy for others to come to you for advice. You love helping people when you can because you know what it takes to be a ride or die chick. You love your independence, too, but sometimes that doesn't always mesh well with your significant others.

Aquarius isn't always the best at emotional expression and this can take a toll on their relationships. Tell yourself that there is nothing wrong with opening up to people, and then practice doing just that. Sometimes, you need to put your fear of being let down in order to let new people into your life. It might be hard at first, but you know firsthand that some of the best friends come when you are totally yourself.

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces is like the Giving Tree: always looking for a way to help those in need and being there for her friends 24/7. Those who know you know that you will always be there for them, no matter what. This is a great quality to have, but sometimes your fear of letting people down can end up hurting you instead.

For your year-end resolution, learn how to say no without giving an explanation. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself first and then helping others later. There will always be someone who is unhappy with your choices, so it is important that you learn to live life for yourself, NOT for anyone else. Life is too short for you to be anything less than happy.

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