10 Signs Your RELATIONSHIP Is The Reason You're Miserable

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Signs Your Relationship Is Holding You Back From Happiness
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This relationship is a yoke on your neck. A monkey on your back.

When someone is in a good relationship, it shows. Their life thrives even under duress, and the relationship is never "in question." A person in a happy and fulfilling relationship shines in almost every corner of his or her life.

On the other hand, a person in a toxic or unfulfilling relationship has the exact opposite situation. He or she doesn't thrive. He or she is anxious or often subdued and maybe even depressed. It may seem like "just another relationship," but the person you spend such an intimate amount of time with will seep into everything you do, think or say.

Here are 10 spot-on signs that your relationship is holding you back from the life you deserve.

1. All the fighting affects your sleep and appetite.

If you and your partner fight so much that you're constantly having sleep, or if you have appetite issues, your relationship is dragging you into the mud. If there are nights you're not sleeping and days in which food seems like an option because the two of you are at a crux, it's not good.

2. You're avoiding people you love.


If you find yourself frequently avoiding people you love because you can't bear the thought of lying to them about the state of your relationship, or sharing to them how you're really doing, your relationship is holding you back from happiness — happiness you deserve.

3. You feel socially restricted.

Do you feel like you can't see certain people or participate in certain activities because your partner isn't OK with it? Do you feel like you never see friends because, somehow, it would upset your partner? Is that the life you want, in the long run?

4. You have a to-do list you never seem to finish.

You've got a wealth of ideas that you would love to come to fruition — either about your career or interests — but that to-do list is left untouched and not crossed out. Your relationship is probably a huge factor in why you're not moving forward in life. Is this the type of relationship you want?

5. People say you look different.


Have people commented that, ever since you started dating X, you don't seem like yourself? Do you not even recognize who you are anymore? Your relationship is not bringing out the best in you or producing healthy change; it's engulfing you in a black cloud of doom.

6. You find it hard to make decisions.

If you find yourself in a position in which you are unable to make decisions, you may be in such a state, due to your bad relationship, that you can't manage to take any risks, or earn any rewards.


7. You require approval for everything.

Do you need to get approval on anything you do? Do you hesitate to ask your partner anything? Your quality of life is severely reduced.

8. You constantly feel anxious or unsure.


Do you find yourself feeling anxious about everything, from the state of your relationship to where you're headed in life? Do you feel like you've lost your mojo? You can thank your bad relationship for that.

9. You question your relationship.

You find yourself wondering, "Are all couples are like this? Is this normal?" when you're in a relationship that's holding you back. Yes, we all wonder if our relationships are similar to others' relationships, but when it's a bad relationship, you constantly doubt if this is really "love."

10. You long for something that's missing.

You might long for someone else. You might long for a different life. You might simply just "long to feel better." When a relationship holds you back in life, you feel like you are missing out. And guess what? You are!