7 Topics You Should Never, EVER Bring Up With Your Man

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7 Topics You Should Never, EVER Bring Up With Your Man

Silence really can be golden sometimes.

Even in the most open of couples, there are certain things you should never talk about. Bringing up these topics can be cause for an argument, insecurities to rise up, or a straight-up breakup in the worst possible cases.

Unless you want to open up new wounds or cause a relationship to flounder, you'll avoid discussion on the following topics.

1. Abortions you've had


Even if your man is pro-choice, this will make him unbelievably uncomfortable. There's no real good way to respond to a woman dropping this bomb, nor is there any reason why this should ever even come up in a new relationship. Moreover, guys never like thinking about other men knocking you up, and if your guy is pro-life, this could be a dealbreaker.

2. The fact that he isn't the largest you've had

If you have been wondering how to utterly annihilate a man's self-esteem, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it. Guys have serious insecurities when it comes to what happens in bed.

Don't say anything you'd regret, and don't tell him anything that would make him search penis extensions online. This is a major bridge-burner, and can even cause some guys to have erectile problems when they're with women. Don't be cruel.

3. Kinky things you did with others, but not him


Much like telling him he's not the biggest, telling him that you were willing to be kinky with others but not with him is a huge blow. This can easily cause him to resent you, and get him to ask, "Why won't you do that with me?" Unless you're willing to try it with him, don't bring up this subject. And even then, approach with caution.

4. That you've slept with people you both know

This is a great way to arouse suspicion, even if you didn't actually act on any of your fantasies.

5. Your sex number, or his


By "sex number," I mean the number of people you've slept with. Talking about this is opening up a huge can of worms, and neither you nor him can get out of this conversation unscathed. This topic is one of the only ones that should be considered a red flag if a guy brings it up, so why would you do that to him?

6. How much you hate his friends or family

There's a difference between asking for healthy boundaries with his family and friends, and openly saying you hate them. In many cases, guys will dump a girl that says this on principle alone. Even if you do hate them, have a little tact and just ask for better boundaries.

7. That you don't think highly of him


Even if it's something as simple as you laughing at him rather than with him, it's not something that bodes well for your relationship. He'll begin to wonder why he's with you and why you're choosing to stay with him. No one likes that kind of disrespect, so don't be shocked if this leads him to dump you.