7 Ways To TRULY Love A Leo Woman

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How To Love A Leo Woman Zodiac Astrology
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A Leo woman is just as you’d expect her to be: loud, vivacious, the center of her social circle, and one of the best signs to be involved with. She’s a true lover, and loves with everything she has inside her. She can fall in love easily, but needs to have that love shown back, or everything will fall apart. 

She will be completely and utterly devoted to her partner, and her friends, but if she’s betrayed, she will find that hard to forgive. Otherwise, she's a mostly merciful person. And because Leo is the sign of the sun, she will radiate warmth, and tend to be the one people look at when she enters a room. She truly is the belle of the ball.

Want to know what to do to show your Leo woman just how much you love her? Follow these simple rules: 

1. Give her the respect she deserves, and let her take the reins.

A Leo woman will demand respect, but she is so Goddess like, you’re probably already bending at the knee. The problem will be if you don’t allow for her to make her own rules. She’s not going to follow yours, so you better get used to being slightly submissive. 

2. Be prepared to spend some money.

It’s not that a Leo woman is all about the Benjamins, but she will prefer someone who will shower her with fancy things so that she’s able to prance around, showing off the goods. Those goods will include YOU too. She will most definitely want to brag about her new beau, so let her do her thing (but don't let it get to her head).

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3.  Let her talk.

Leo’s are fiery women and they may seem a bit … loud. It’s just that she has a lot of thoughts and feelings on the world, and she’s going to let you know. She needs someone who is going to listen to her, but even more so, someone who is comfortable allowing her to take charge and be the center of attention. If you feel like you can't get a word in edge-wise, speak with her privately about it and tell her that you care that she listens to you too.

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4.  Embrace her adventurous spirit.

She’s a lion, after all. She is going to want to climb that huge mountain, go on the tallest rollercoaster at the park, or just do something outrageous. Put your big boy pants on, take her hand, and get to it. Trust me, you'll have a ton of fun in the process, so what's there to complain about?

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5.  Give her your undivided attention.

Your Leo partner will crave attention from you, and that means she will EAT UP all the compliments you give her. She expects them, and even though she acts tough, she’s super sensitive; if she doesn’t think you’re showing her love, she will be hurt. So look in her eyes and let her know exactly how you feel.

6.  Let her have a girls night on the regular.

Leo’s are naturally friendly. They love their girlfriends and nights out, and honestly, she needs a way to vent away from you (no offense). That's just how she is. Let her take some time to spend time with the ladies; she will need it and you can use the time away to prepare a fun surprise for her! :)

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7.  Let her know she's your one and only.

If she even THINKS you’re looking at other women, it’ll be bad news. Again, Leo’s love to be the center of attention, so if she thinks her partner is eyeing someone else, you will most certainly see the fiery fury that comes along with loving a Leo woman. Tell her how much you love her and want her, and you're golden.