10 Brutal Truths About Loving A Virgo Man

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Listen up and pay attention — because Virgos sure are. They go through life noticing all the small details that most people miss. Their approach to life and everything else is methodical, which can come off as cold. Their warmth shows through in their kindness and love for animals. He will act all nonchalant and cool at first, but be patient, the wait will be worth it in the end

Virgos are complex creatures, so here are all the secrets you need to decoding them so that you can learn how to love them. 

1. If you stick with him, he'll stick with you.

He's the guy you know you can count on when it really matters. If you call your knight in shining armor, he'll come running no questions asked. SWOON. What's sexier than a guy you know you can rely on? You might catch his eyes wandering to check out that girl that just walked by, but rest assured that you won't catch him in bed with her. 

2. He may take awhile to be comfortable around your friends.

Don't mistake his quietness for rudeness when you bring him around your friends for the first time. He's more of an introvert than an extrovert. He needs the space to access the room. 

Give him some time to also get to know your pals. Make sure your friends know that he just needs time to warm up. First impressions are everything. Once your friends label him as that asshole that thinks he's better than everyone else, it will be hard to change their minds. 

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3. He's a damn hard worker. 

Sometimes he just won't know when it's time to stop. He gets so caught up in getting the job done, and getting it done right that he'll lose sight of what's going on around him. You might even have to call him at the office to remind him it's time to come home.

But don't let his tunnel vision focus get you down. He invests his time in what he finds important. If he's in a relationship with you, then that obviously means you're important to him too! 

4. Because he works so hard, he'll have a hard time winding down for a vacation.

All work and no play makes jack and him a dull boy, but he doesn't know that. R&R is not something that he is familiar with. All your friends have been going on romantic getaways, but you know that it'd be a battle to try to convince him why you should go away for a couple days.

Instead of trying to plan a whole weekend, just plan for a day trip. This is much more realistic. Go to a local vineyard for a wine tasting. You get out of the house and he gets to have some wine so he can wind down. 

5. He's a total health nut. 

He's not a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He'll eat red meat once in a while, like on Fourth of July and Labor Day, but the rest of time he stays away from it because he knows it can lead to heart disease. If a new raw bar just opened up in town, he'll be the first to know about it. He'll also be the one to attempt to convince you that you need to try a delicious kale, spinach, avocado, flax seed smoothie. Mmmm yum.

He's not the kind of guy that will binge on Shake Shack with you every weekend, but don't hold that against him. He's only looking out for you. 

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6. He's the voice in your head that tells you no.

Reality is a tough bitch to face. You've been lusting over a $300 Kate Spade bag for months, the only reason you haven't bought it yet is because he has reminded you that you could save up that money and use it for a trip instead. WHY MUST HE BE SO PRACTICAL?! 

You tell yourself that you hate that side of him, but in reality, you thank him everyday. If it weren't for him, you'd be living in a cardboard box with just your purses and shoes. 

7. He's the kind of guy that actually enjoyed reading those books in school. 

He's probably read more books than most people have in their lifetime. He doesn't discriminate amongst the genres, he just reads whatever sounds interesting to him. If you quiz him, he'll probably surprise you with all that he knows.

His favorite books are among his prize possessions. Don't take offense if he'd rather finish the Sci-Fi novel he is currently reading than take you out to dinner. It's just that good. 

8. He won't ask for help (even if he needs it). 

There are two types of people in the world, those who ask for help (maybe too much help) and those who never do. He's the later. It would bruise his ego to admit that he can't do something on his own. He thinks he's superman and can't face the reality that sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

If you see him struggling, the best way to deal with the situation is to offer help in a round about way. If you make him think it was his idea, he'll be none the wiser and it will be a win-win. 

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9. He's all about keeping things clean.

You woke up late and spent too much time putting on makeup and picking out your outfit for the day, now you're running late. Why does it matter that you left your dish out from breakfast and didn't clean and put it away? There's no time for that! Lucky for you, he'll probably just end up doing it for you because he's a neat freak and just can't help himself.

When he is not working, he spends his time cleaning and tidying up where he can. It's times like these that you have never loved him more. 

10. The wilderness is where he finds peace. 

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He's the perfect boy scout. With all the knowledge and wisdom he has acquired from books and his tactical approach to life, he has everything he needs to make it out there on his own. You won't find him sitting around the campfire or fishing all day though. He's go, go, go. You'll either find him hiking, mountain biking, climbing or kayaking. This is his idea of R&R.