13 Reasons Why Watching My Shows Is 1,000x Better Than Dating

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13 Reasons Why Watching Shows Is Better Than Dating

Pass the remote, please!

The Millennial dating scene is mediocre at best, and cringe-worthy at worst. It's a fact. Dating as a whole tends to be a very disappointing endeavor with little chance of reward and much chance of drama.

The fact is that I'd rather watch episodes of my favorite shows than go on another date with another random stranger. Here's why television is more fun than dating:

1. First off, it's a lot cheaper than dating.

You don't have to buy your computer or your TV a coffee. You don't have to worry about splitting the bill, or paying for gas to get to the location of a show. All you need to do is plop down in your bed and grab a remote.

2. A television won't flip out if you're not interested in what it's showing.

It will just sit there and keep playing the show until you change channels.

3. Shows also don't send unsolicited dick pics to your phone.


Unlike a lot of skeevy men you meet while dating. Just saying.

4. Unlike a lot of dates, you can always count on your shows to be on time.

That one show you watch at 9 PM every Thursday? It's like clockwork, primarily because it's someone's job to schedule it.

5. And let's face it, a typical Netflix comedy is funnier than most men you'll meet out in the wild.

No more faking laughs!

6. Your shows won't get upset if you watch other shows, too.

And you can enjoy as many of them as you want without being called names, too.

7. You never have to worry about your shows ghosting you, benching you, or cheating on you.


Watching shows is so much less dramatic than dating — unless you're watching a drama, of course.

8. Your shows won't get upset if you tell others about your feelings toward them.

In fact, that often helps keep them going. The same can't be said about many guys.

9. It never feels like a waste of time if you're watching your favorite show

The same can't be said about going on a date with a guy who's not actually as interesting as you feel.

10. Watching shows never comes with strings attached.


In other words, if you're not "in the mood," your shows won't be whining about it.

11. Nothing quite gives you that unique warm, fuzzy feeling like a classic moment on your favorite show.

You know exactly the kind of moment I mean.

12. Shows always stay the same when you remember them, while dating memories can go from sweet to sad after a breakup.

Remember that hilarious musical on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? No matter how many times you think about that moment, it will bring a smile to your face. The same can't be said about the time your ex just gave you that necklace, can it?

13. Watching your favorite show never involves as much stress as today's dating scene does.


And truthfully, that's why I prefer it to dating.