Start The Week Off Right With Your Horoscope (And Theme Song!!!)

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Fun, Free Work & Love Horoscope For May 15 - 21

Free horoscope for May 15 - 21. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Taurus: Mercury's still in retrograde for one more week, and it's the last week with the sun in your sign. You might feel like hiding out a little bit until everything is running more smoothly, but make sure you get out and about. Monday and Thursday are shaping up to be stellar days for you. You might not feel ready to jump on any big plans yet, but it's a good time to get a hold on your options around work and love.

The full moon on Saturday may have you freaking out a little bit, but all will be well. You have some big changes on the horizon. Though part of you may be beyond stoked, this full moon may bring out some insecurities. Stay positive and don't panic! You've made so much progress, don't turn back now.

Taurus' weekly theme song: Facing West —The Staves

Gemini: You're ruled by Mercury, so this retrograde may be giving you a hard time. Have heart! It's almost over, and on Saturday the sun moves into your sign. It's almost your birthday, huzzah!

Good times are ahead and though you definitely love your independence and enjoy the freedoms of not being tied down, this week has you attracting love and wanting to keep it. You might meet someone who seems like your perfect match — brawn AND brains — and you aren't about to let that go, especially when your birthday is right around the corner. Before you dive in head first, make sure to give it some time so you see them for who they really are. Let the cocktails wear off and take off the rose colored glasses before you declare your undying love.

Enjoy all the attention, especially mid-week. You will definitely find someone to howl at the full moon with on Saturday if you so choose.

Gemini's weekly theme song: Oxford Comma —Vampire Weekend

Cancer: Just one more week of Mercury retrograde, so stay strong! For you, it's really been bringing up people and projects from the past. This week is a good time to analyze what you want to move forward with and what you want to toss out of your life. You want to surround yourself with positive people and things and clear out the negative.

Towards the end of the week, you'll feel like you're the belle of the ball as you attract new people and opportunities but the full moon on Saturday may have you feeling a little emo. It's a great night to get your head and heart in order so that when Mercury goes direct on Monday, you can move full steam ahead! It's a planning and purging week for you and it will be well worth it.

Cancer's weekly theme song: White Ladder —David Grey

Leo: You start the week off strong, as Monday brings some major money-making opportunities. You've definitely been plugging away at your career and from now through to when Mercury finally goes direct next week, you'll be seeing some great results! You might be a little antsy to get out for a night with your girls or with your boo. Thursday has hearts all over it for you, so make a date with bae because it's bound to be magical. You can certainly combine socializing with networking this week too.

Saturday's full moon may have you feeling a little frazzled, but stay positive and believe that good things are headed your way. Keep positive company and avoid brooding on your own. And remember, even if you hit a road block, it doesn't mean the journey is over. You've worked too hard to let anyone ruin your success so protect your kingdom and know you will survive whatever comes your way!

​Leo's weekly theme song: Don't Give Up —Herbie Hancock (Feat. Pink and John Legend)

Virgo: Do you find yourself more loyal to others than yourself sometimes? This week, expect that all to change. You know you have more in you and you have dreams you want to see realized and the time to act is approaching. Dream your dreams and make your moves so that when Mercury finally goes direct next Monday, you can move ahead. You know you want (and deserve) more stability and respect.

The universe is already sending you opportunities early in the week and giving you a sense of what lies ahead. Sass up your wardrobe — dress like a boss and everyone will start treating you like one. All eyes are on you by the end of the week. Get used to it! Just focus on yourself and don't worry about ruffling anyone else's feathers... It's time for you to fly.

Virgo's weekly theme song: Help Yourself —Amy Winehouse

Libra: There's something in the air that's making you smile and giving you hope. Life is grand and you're dreaming dreams and hoping for the best! The sky is the limit right now. You're definitely garnering a lot of attention on Tuesday and Wednesday so use it to your benefit. Put your dreams out into the universe and watch it work its magic for you. You'll already see the potential for your future beginning Thursday through to the weekend.

The full moon gives you some wanderlust and makes your body and heart want to take a leap — and hopefully with someone at your side. Push beyond your limits right now and try to see the bigger picture. It's a time to make those seemingly impossible dreams a reality. 

​Libra's weekly theme song: Happy —Pharrell

Scorpio: It's time to dig deep and uncover the truths about yourself, your life and all the things below the surface that we don't necessarily attend to every day. You're certainly not the kind to be afraid of the deeper side of things, but you may be having some fears around your own life and recent changes or changes you still want to make. You know that change is a product of beginnings and endings, and you can't have one without the other. So know that if you are moving forward, certain things won't move with you. This is a week of a lot of emotional growth for you! Revel in it and realize that you can stand on your own two feet without the approval of others.

You might feel the stress a bit on Friday but the end of the week has you pulling positive attention. You know how to balance your introverted and extroverted sides this week. Listen to yourself and you'll find that the universe heeds your thoughts.

​Scorpio's weekly theme song: Like Real People Do —Hozier

Sagittarius: Your energy is really picking up. With Mars in your sign all week, you'll be feel full of spunk and vitality.

Your career is definitely in focus as you try to decide if you're really where you want to be right now. Never one to shy away from risks, you take a few this week in an effort to improve situations on the work front. Don't let naysayers get in your way. Sometimes people envy your optimism and self-confidence, so don't take their criticism to heart. By the end of the week, you've rallied your strength and you'll know who to keep in your court and who to expel. You have big plans and no time for anything other than positivity!

​Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Dangerous Woman —Ariana Grande 

Capricorn: As usual, you're diligent and hard at work this week. You're reorganizing systems, files and even the set-up of your home office or work space. You might decide to feng shui things so that you know you're getting the maximum benefit from your space. 

Thursday is looking pretty steamy and if you've been checking out a certain someone, tonight might be the night to make a move. Sunday may bring out some unexpected news but if you think about it, your gut already kinda knew it was coming, so it won't hit you too hard. If anything, you'll feel pretty justified in your intuition. No hard feelings — just keep on keepin' on.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: The Less I Know The Better —Tame Impala

Aquarius: You might be a bit pensive this week. You want to move forward in your life, so you're examining what may have held you back in the past. As things heat up with someone new, you want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes or fall into the same patterns that didn't work for you before. This is really positive, and will help you make major changes that shift things in the right direction. The full moon will definitely shed light on your romantic situation and let you know if this person is a keeper or not. If not, don’t be bitter, just move on! Nice work on making progress in your life.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Left Handed Kisses —Andrew Bird (Feat. Fiona Apple)

Pisces: You're doing some deep thinking this week. Have you reached the goals you set out for yourself? Did you have dreams that you forgot about, but now they're nudging at you? Wednesday and Thursday definitely bring some opportunities your way that get you thinking. You definitely have to find the balance of logic and emotion because you're trying to make some major changes.

Love is also knocking on your door midweek. You may meet someone new or if you've been having a rough time in a certain relationship, this is a good time to clear things up. You're doing a lot of planning for a better, more fulfilling future.

Pisces' weekly theme song: Superstar —Cypress Hill

Aries: You love being active and this week has you gearing up to busier times. Mercury goes direct next Monday so start getting your game plan in order. You'll face some new opportunities this week, and though it's not quite the right time to act you can certainly prep. Maybe it's because you're so happy being busy or the universe is simply on your side, but you've got a silver tongue now. Use it wisely and be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it!

Thursday night will get steamy for you, but the weekend holds a little bit of tension. You can count on yourself to find a healthy release. Plow ahead!

Aries' weekly theme song: Yes —LMFAO