Everything You NEED To Know About This Week, Based On Your Horoscope

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your april 11 horoscope girls

Free horoscope for April 11 - 17. Plus, your weekly zodiac theme song!

Aries: Hey there Ram, looks like a pretty interesting week for you.

You start the week off traveling somewhere exotic (even just a new spot for lunch) or wanting to, perhaps you're even meeting someone very interesting and unlike what you're normally surrounded by. Embrace the new and different!

There are some great work opportunities coming your way too, you know more than most that you fake it until you make it! Use that Aries confidence to dress the part, walk the walk and talk the talk. No one is saying it's going to be easy but the rewards will be well worth your efforts.

By the end of the week, you'll be feeling very grounded and beaming with self confidence. This sort of energy is exactly what draws what and who you need into your life. You can make it all happen and you know it!

Weekly theme song for Aries: DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

Taurus: Nostalgia is the order of the day right now.

But it doesn't need to be mired in negative thinking. Someone from the past may surface but it's up to you if you want to resurrect this relationships or let it go. If it's not a person, it may be a project you gave up on that now resurfaces, giving you a chance to work on it again.

Even if you don't reunite with a past love, you will be thinking about them in a positive light. Anyone new who enters the scene needs to measure up to this person. You're a grounded earth sign so make sure you keep your feet planted before the tide of emotions washes you into full on emo land. You will get through it and by the end of the week, you're ready to get out and see the squad.

Once you make peace with things, you'll find you're the one everyone can't keep their eyes off of this weekend so get out there and shine your light!

Weekly theme song for Taurus: Rihanna - Diamonds

Gemini: You're spreading those social butterfly wings right at the start of the week.

Your contacts list is growing exponentially this week. All types of people are drawn to you, some unlike the usual crew you hang with. Your intuition is strong now so you can see past the smoke and mirrors. It's easy enough for you to spot who is a legit person and who is just feeding you bull.

Though your intuition is strong, don't make any rash decisions. Avoid city hall and Vegas chapels. Don't end any relationships either this week, without truly weighing the pros and cons. Change is in the air so just ride out the wave before you end up second guessing your choices. Take that chaotic energy you're feeling and channel it into creative solutions at work and home. You'll feel a lot better rocking the boat in positive ways there then in your relationships.

Spread your wings and ride the winds of change this week. You'll be a stronger person for it!

Weekly song for Gemini: Blondie - The Tide Is High

Cancer: Things are looking pretty lucky this week for you.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities at the start of the week. If you've been job hunting or aiming for that promotion, this may be the week it happens. You've got some stellar Cancer confidence stirring you forward with epic drive. It may seem egotistical but it's not.  

You know exactly what your list of skills are, you know what you can bring to the table that others cannot. This attitude transfers over into relationships too. Basically you're working your magic right now. From the boardroom to the bedroom, you're making grand strides and impressing the pants off of everyone ... figuratively and literally.

Enjoy this lucky time and use it to advance your agendas, not just play the lotto.

Weekly theme song for Cancer: Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

Leo: You've been pouring your heart and soul into a bunch of different things lately.  From relationships, especially one in particular, to career.

This week, the universe is letting you know that it's been worth it. Things with bae are smoother and sexier than ever. You'll feel relieved and grateful you rode out the storms. All of this is making you realize that anything worth it does require some effort. And maybe because things on the home front are going so well, you turn your attention to work and money. All the positive feedback this week is driving you even further.

Your focus is making the right impression right now and you will.

Let that Leo mane shine and sway in the wind, how can anyone ignore you now? Go get em!

Weekly theme song for Leo: Chris & Thomas - You're The One I Want

Virgo: Dear Virgo, home is so important to you.

You love to nest and create a cozy space for yourself and others you welcome into your space. This week, you may find yourself wanting to make major changes around your living space. You may even be considering a move. If not, you move some furniture and wall hangings around. As much as you want the physical space to change around you, you're also feeling pretty easy going in general. You may let a few pieces of dust and a couple dishes sit overnight and it won't keep you up. You may also be deciding to switch careers or jobs. You're just spring cleaning your life!

As for love, you receive some well deserved attention from just the right person. Enjoy it, things that start now have good potential...at least to bring you some joy. Revel in it and them. 

Weekly song for Virgo: Esperanza Spalding - One

Libra: It's a steamy week for you, and things are moving forward full steam ahead!

Steam is the theme dear Libra. You get some good news at the start of the week and it sends your spirits soaring. It's exactly what you needed to boost your confidence. Could be just the right words from bae or an anticipated announcement at work. You definitely like to be part of a pair. Libras don't like to fly solo often. So this good news is most likely connected to a collaboration of some sort either personally or at work. High five or make out and celebrate the news. We know you're excitable right now but don't make any major moves yet.

Ride the week out and get all the info you need before buying stock or a farm together. You get the drift....just enjoy for now. You'll know when to make a move.

Weekly theme song for Libra: Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On

Scorpio: Sweet Scorpio, don't worry, we won't tell anyone you're sweet or that you can be very sensitive.

The recognition you get at work at the start of the week gives you the baller confidence you love to project. Hey, that strut is legit! That swagger is real! But you also crave intense intimacy, especially this week. You want to go to those depths right now. You want to bond and talk all night, spill your deepest, darkest secrets then simmer in someone's arms until dawn. It's not all sexual though. You are also getting closer to friends, family and colleagues. You need to allow yourself to be more open and vulnerable so others can feel just as open to you.

It's a good week where you feel a strong sense of connection to others. Squad goals achieved!

Weekly theme song for Scorpio: Bruno Mars - Count On Me

Sagittarius: You won't be upset to hear that BOLD is the word this week.

You love to be bold and loud while simultaneously maintaining your light hearted nature. Sagittarius is the lucky sign of the zodiac and this week you feel it even more than usual. You know how it works, you project this amazing positive energy and it comes back to you ten fold. So yes, you get a lot of great attention right now and you know you love it!

Though you tend to be the big picture type, this week somehow has you looking at the fine print, checking your grammar and counting the petals on those flowers you always see from afar. Enjoy this change while you can and just take it in. You're definitely stopping to smell the flowers this weekend! You even hear news confirming your past efforts in a project were very fruitful.

So rest on your laurels ...just for a bit.

Weekly theme song for Sagittarius: Queen - We Will Rock You

Capricorn: It's time to go big.

This isn't a stay with your routine week. Don't let it freak you out! You could use a little shake up. Move things around the house, redecorate, buy new art, new china...get a craft station going. Start that jewelry line you've been thinking of. Take some chances with your ideas. Also take some chances with new people you meet. You might find someone who doesn't quite catch your eye right away. Maybe they're a little quiet or different than your usual tinder right swipes but still waters run deep and you may find there is a lot more to them than you think.

It's a great week to plan a dream summer vacation too. Don't hold back. It's time to think outside the box and dream big!

Weekly theme song for Capricorn: Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescents 

Aquarius: You charge out of the gates at the start of the week. Your energy is boundless. Accept as many invitations as possible, make plans, happy hours, movie nights, group hikes...you can and want to do it all.

Romance is hot too early in the week. We can think of a few other places to expend all that energy. You might be looking at a raise or promotion right now too and all around you feel like you are movin on up in the ranks. Don't rent the penthouse yet but certainly, your lifestyle is improving nicely. The weekend definitely has you nesting and making home improvements. You are in cleaning mode and no nook and cranny is left untouched. It's a great time to organize and spring clean! So many things have a fresh start for you right now!

Spring is workin for ya!

Weekly theme song for Aquarius: Flo Rida - Good Feeling

Pisces: Monday has you getting pats on the back at work. This whole week actually is a great one for you on the career front.

You don't always seek out accolades. You do the work for the work's sake but you certainly do love when the appreciation is there and it will be right now. There might be some shifting duties or responsibilities but take this as a compliment. These changes are an indication you are capable of more and the universe is challenging you to do more. Your relationships too this week will have some shifts. Things are getting intense and more intimate especially with one particular person. It may feel like a lot is happening at once but don't be ruled by fear! What would you do if fear wasn't an option! That's where you find your answers.

Take a leap, Pisces, and swim into the bigger ocean of love and success. 

Weekly theme song for Pisces: Aurora - Conqueror