Start April Right With Your Weekly Horoscope (And Theme Song!!!)

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Fun, Free Work & Love Horoscope For April 3 - 9
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Free horoscope for April 3 - 9.

March is behind us and Spring is here! Find out what your zodiac sign has in store for you this week.

Aries: April is your time to rule. It's still your birthday month, and these first few weeks are powerful for you. You're feeling optimistic and energetic, and you're even more bold and daring than usual. It's working for you! People are more than happy to accommodate you right now. Your career is going well, too — this week is a productive one and the weekend is sure to bring some opportunities your way. 

The only bad news? You're not feeling too diplomatic this week. Try not to get snappy or lash out on anyone (especially those who're only trying to help). It might feel like the world is revolving around you, but that doesn't mean it actually is! 

Aries' weekly theme song: Cold Hard Bitch —Jet

Taurus: April brings a fresh start for you. You're sick of the same old love (or job, or home). Though you typically like to stick to specific routines, certain areas of your life have hit a wall. Now, you're rethinking prior plans and maybe even ditching them for newer, better ideas that work in your favor. A lot of change is headed your way, which will take some getting used to. But once you clear out the baggage, you feel lighter and ready to flirt and have fun again.

Starting Wednesday, your pockets may see a little boost. You focus on your health over the weekend and some new lovin' on Sunday. Release the past and move into your uncertain — but more interesting — future!

Taurus' weekly theme song: Bag Lady —Erykah Badu

Gemini: Woot, woot! There's a fire burning in you right now, Gemini. Usually more of a go-with-the-flow person, you're taking the lead — and loving it. You're ready to take risks and jump at opportunities. It's all about the personal gains right now. Ironically, those close to you might seem more demanding than usual this week, but that could be because you are too busy trying to rule the world!

Leave Sunday open for some brunching or cuddles on the couch. Your cash flow is good at the moment, but keep thinking long-term. Your future is bright, but only if you stay the long course. 

Gemini's weekly theme song: The Future's So Bright —Timbuk 3

Cancer: You don't mind quiet time, and you'll be getting plenty of that this month. You need downtime to re-energize and rethink your goals and plans. It's not the right time to start new projects, but rather to focus on how to keep those that are open going and thriving.

Despite your hermit behavior earlier in the week, Thursday and on you're in a flirtatious mood. That Spring air is getting to you! Take a cue from the birds and the bees, but warning to anyone super smitten with you: you are not rushing to settle down. Make sure you try to work well with your colleagues, too. Sure, you're happy flying solo — but it's a big world out there, and sometimes you have to swim with the other fish.

Cancer's weekly theme song: Wild Horses —The Rolling Stones

Leo: Pump it up, Leo! You could move the masses to do just about anything this week. Your self-confidence is legit right now. Use it to push your ideas forward.

Not surprisingly, all of this eagerness is attracting some interesting people your way. If you've been trying to hash it out with someone for what seems like forever, this weekend is the time to kiss and make up. You might even head on a romantic trip to reignite the flame. Just keep an eye on your patience (or lack thereof, really) this week. Don't get mad if not everyone is immediately engulfed in your passion. Just breathe! You're moving plenty fast enough to get what and where you want.

Leo's weekly theme song: Roar —Katy Perry

Virgo: You have a reputation for being overly cautious and uptight — but if that's the case, no one really knows you, eh? This week, you'll be almost unrecognizable. You're feeling feisty and your gut knows when a risk is worth the taking. You've got so much energy that you could easily sign up for a marathon and train your healthy ass off.

Romance is on your brain, but you're feeling more lighthearted about it. Just go with the flow and you may be surprised at how pleased you'll be. As for your career, dream big! Now is a great time to really decide what you want to do. Don't let money stress get you down — where there is a will, there's a way and you can make anything happen.

This week is less about being practical and more about being intuitive. And definitely get that exercise in to keep your head and heart happy.

Virgo's weekly theme song: Float On —Modest Mouse

Libra: Someone is in a good mood! Even the most expensive champagne can't compare to how bubbly you're feeling. People always love your energy, but right now everyone's on your heels hoping you'll lead 'em to a good time. Hey, when you got it, you got it! You're more than happy to entertain all these admirers — especially the romantic ones... Get your flirt on! Coupled Libras are enjoying harmonious times with bae. You want to pamper him and hold him on a pedestal this week.

The weekend is definitely full of lovin', so pile on the rose petals and wine. Work is important too, but the truth is you're in such good spirits and so cooperative that it has no choice but to go well. Enjoy the fan club this week, Libra!

Libra's weekly theme song: Walking On Sunshine —Katrina & The Waves

Scorpio: It's a bit of a rollercoaster this week, but it'll be up to you if it's a fun adventurous ride or one that leaves you sick to your stomach. You've got tons of energy and your passion is off the charts, but this could also lead to a few impatient outbursts and fights with your guy. Channel that passion into some make up sex!

As for work, you need to try and be more patient with your teammates. You might have all the optimism and energy in the world right now, but if others aren't matching your levels, you need to be a source of inspiration. Definitely get your cardio in this week — you'll need the release. Look out for some job opportunities over the weekend. This could be a stellar week if you just channel these intense emotions in the right direction. You can do it!

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Blister In The Sun —Violent Femmes

Sagittarius: Usually confident and mellow, you're feeling a tiny bit unsettled. You've had so much major change going on lately. You've got this, though! You're great at figuring out how to stay grounded in this crazy world. Keeping your head up! 

Per usual, you've got tons of suitors lined up, but you're not ready to be pinned down by anything. You're trying to figure things out and you don't have room for anyone else's issues. Get creative and focus on you. You'll have loads of ideas about how to earn money over the weekend. You may also want to go for a walk or take some kind of energetic class to clear your head. Don't worry, you'll turn things around soon enough.

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: The Fighter —Gym Class Heroes

Capricorn: We admire your tough work ethic, we do... But this week you need to ease up on yourself a little bit. You're feeling a tiny bit vulnerable and your inner critic needs a muzzle. What you really need is a night (or two, or three) with friends. Go have some laughs and lighten up the mood.

If your conscience starts nagging, only listen to it when it comes to work and your budget. People at work will appreciate your dedication and you’re winning some praise there. Don't dwell on the negatives this week. You can do this, Capricorn!

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Pumped Up Kicks —Foster The People

Aquarius: So far this year, your career has been your top priority and it's really paying off. It'll keep getting better. This week, get creative about how to make those funds while doing what you love. You do feel a little frantic this week, but it's important to keep your cool. Turn your energy towards fixing what isn't working for you. Thursday and Friday may bring some drama your way, but nothing you can't resolve.

Single Aquarius: get out there and blow off some steam! The weekend may bring you someone interesting enough to keep your attention — and keep you calm.

A long walk or short day trip at the end of week might help any agitation you're feeling. Just remember, you hold the key to your happiness and you can decide what doors you want to open or shut.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: The Show Goes On —Lupe Fiasco

Pisces: Who is this bold new Pisces we see before us? Your drive is off the charts. You're ready to take more on, and are sure to tackle anything that comes your way. Your relationships are going well, too. You're making a concerted effort to make sure people are hearing you out when it comes to your needs. Good news: not only do they hear you but they take it to heart!

Keep at it, Pisces. With this sort of optimistic, positive push, everything in your life is looking up. 

Pisces' weekly theme song: Live Your Life —T.I. (Feat. Rihanna)