Which Super Smash Brother You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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national mario day
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Free daily horoscope for Thursday, March 10.

Happy National Mario Day! If you haven't heard of it, today we recognize our favorite video game character because of the way today's date appears when abbreviated (Mar10). And though Mario is undoubtedly our favorite video game hero, we can't help but love his friends.

Find out which Super Smash brother you're most like, according to your horoscope.

Pisces: Step out of bed with your best foot forward. It’s a stellar day with special opportunities coming at you from all directions. Put your needs first, shine your light and bask in the results.

Pisces' Super Smash Brother: Link

Aries: All eyes are on you today. Use that star power to get going on something important. Don’t let all this charm go to waste!

Aries' Super Smash Brother: Jigglypuff

Taurus: It’s one of those days where you see all of your efforts being rewarded. You definitely earned this, and you need to make the most of it.

Taurus' Super Smash Brother: Kirby

Gemini: Set those big goals and get started on your plans today. You’re getting along well, especially with power players. Make the most of it by pushing your agenda.

Gemini's Super Smash Brother: Samus Aran

Cancer: You’re eager to check out a new class or book a trip. Your curious mind is craving new things, so figure out exactly what will satisfy you most.

Cancer's Super Smash Brother: Captain Falcon

Leo: You’re pouncing around with tons of energy, and your communication skills are unbeatable today. This is perfect timing, because a new romantic interest is headed your way.

Leo's Super Smash Brother: Pikachu

Virgo: It’s a grand day for you — and you need it. Lots of opportunities in your career and in the romance department are headed your way. One-on-one interactions have a strong impact on things right now, so pay attention to the things you say.

Virgo's Super Smash Brother: Yoshi

Libra: The way your schedule has been lately, you’re looking into new ways to manage your time. Between your workouts, career and social life, you’re clammering for more time. You’ll find a way to do it all.

Libra's Super Smash Brother: Donkey Kong

Scorpio: You’ve been killing it in the relationship department lately, and today is no different. Even single Scorpios are benefiting from new meetings and nights out. Love is definitely in the air!

Scorpio's Super Smash Brother: Master Hand

Sagittarius: Things are relaxing a little for you. You’re in an easygoing and lighthearted mood, which is drawing people your way. To put it simply: You’re hot.

Sagittarius' Super Smash Brother: Fox McCloud

Capricorn: It’s like you just got a recharge and you’re at 100 percent. You’re extra alert, which is perfect because some special things are coming at you today and you don’t want to miss ‘em.

Capricorn's Super Smash Brother: Mario

Aquarius: Sometimes you really need to be your own priority. What is it that you need to adjust in your life so that you feel comfortable and happy with your situation? Once you decide, start making improvements.

Aquarius' Super Smash Brother: Luigi