Get Over The Hump With Your Wednesday Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for Wednesday, January 6.

To be honest, Wednesdays are really just Mondays that are closer to the weekend. No worries, your daily horoscope is here to help push you through the hump!

Capricorn: Your competitive side is showing today, and you’re willing to do just about anything to get ahead. It’s a good thing you have solid morals! You’re going for gold… Watch out world.

Aquarius: You’re set to have a beautiful day. You’re flashing your pearly whites and your good mood is contagious. Get home right after work and spend some time with your boo or family.

Pisces: Everyone’s grateful for you today, and you’re loving every minute of it. It may even lead to a new (and lucrative) offer. You have some stressful days ahead, so enjoy this while it lasts!

Aries: Between the new year and the extra attention you’re earning lately, you’re ready to make some changes to your appearance. Today’s the perfect day for that massage or facial you’ve been wanting. Or, try out a new haircut. A little self-pampering goes a long way.

Taurus: The new year has you feeling a major pep in your step. Keep up the energy, and put it to good use. Some yoga or weight training, or maybe a romantic night in with bae… Whatever you choose, give it your all.

Gemini: You’re as charismatic as they come. If you’ve been daydreaming about following your passion or starting a new project, today’s a great day to win people over. Not in work mode? Open up your social media app of choice and watch those likes multiply.

Cancer: You’ve been really sticking to those New Year’s resolutions and you’re already seeing a difference. Stay positive and keep up the good work, and a healthier, happier you will continue to stick around.

Leo: There’s a bit of tension between you and your partner, and you can’t decide if you’re in the mood to ruffle feathers or burrow in them. Hint: Try the former. That way, you can kiss and make up, too! A romantic night will cut the tension.

Virgo: We’re at the top of this week’s hill and so is your mood. You’re earning tons of praise for your sincerity and hard work, which only inspires you to draw out more plans and work even harder. Energy breeds more energy.

Libra: You’ve been focusing a lot of your time on how to improve your life on all fronts. Any creative blocks you’ve been facing are gone today and your ideas are free to flow. Stock up on some journals or add some memory to your laptop... You’re going to need it!

Scorpio: The week is dragging for a lot of people, but not you! You’ve been in full force all week and today is no different. You’re banking on this year being super fulfilling. Keep on keepin’ on!

Sagittarius: What’s that in your eyes? Oh, just the spotlight. Yanno, again. You’re used to it, but today isn’t about basking in it. Take that star power and use it to get started on a project you’re passionate about.