The Christmas Song That Was Written For YOU (And Your Zodiac Sign)

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Free daily horoscope for Wednesday, December 9.

We know, we know — you're probably getting a little sick of holiday music already. ESPECIALLY if you work in retail (cuz let's be real, they've had Christmas music on repeat since before Thanksgiving). But it's barely the second week of December, and we'll be hearing it for a few weeks longer — might as well enjoy it! 

Find out what Christmas song best fits your personality, based on your daily horoscope for Wednesday, December 9.

Sagittarius: We know it’s your birthday time, so we’re not surprised you’ve been throwing back a few extra drinks and cake. Put that on hold for a sec — today’s a good day to cleanse! Your body will thank you. Then, celebrate away.

Sagittarius' Christmas song: This Christmas —Chris Brown

Capricorn: Always ahead of the pack, take some time out today to research some new tech trends. Let your inner geek shine! It’ll make you invaluable to your higher ups, and hey — some of these new apps are cool af.

Capricorn's Christmas song: Man With The Bag —Jessie J

Aquarius: You’re all about saving the world. Why not check out the newest app that can aid you in your charity? Even Batman had a million gadgets to save the world — and make his man cave seriously legit.

Aquarius' Christmas song: Angels We Have Heard On High —Josh Groban & Brian McKnight

Pisces: You’re in the holiday spirit, and putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. You enjoy knowing all of your MANY efforts are helping those you care about. It’ll pay off. Love from family, friends and even a lover is coming your way this month. Santa knows you’ve been VERY good.

Pisces' Christmas song: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays —*NSYNC

Aries: Today has the potential to be THE perfect day. Once you get done slaying it at work, get back home to the one you love. Beware: keep the criticism at a minimum today. You’re not always known for being the most… tactful. A little diplomacy goes a long way.

Aries' Christmas song: Must Be Christmas —Band of Merrymakers

Taurus: Someone is in super sexy mode. It is hump day after all! Who says you can’t take it literally? Break out the mistletoe — ‘tis the season to lock lips!

Taurus' Christmas song: Baby, It's Cold Outside —Seth McFarlane & Sara Bareilles

Gemini: Bah humbug? NEVER! You’re no Scrooge. To most, it’s hump day. To you? It’s almost the weekend! What trendy holiday outfit are you throwing on tonight? So many to choose from — and so many places to go.

Gemini's Christmas song: Happy Christmas (War Is Over) —Maroon 5

Cancer: You’ve been working on your fitness, and dammit if one more person brings holiday cookies to work… Oh, the sabotage of it all. A workout class is what the fit queen ordered. Bonus of going to the gym: You never know what hotties with hot bodies are around. Let’s be real, it wouldn’t hurt to flirt today. You = fit for love.

Cancer's Christmas song: Christmas Eve —Justin Bieber

Leo: You’re knee deep in work, but low on passion. Get on it! You’ve got sooo many cute outfits waiting to make an entrance. Join them, won’t you? Then look around for the sexiest guest to see if they’ll join you!

Leo's Christmas song: Carol of the Bells —Destiny's Child

Virgo: You’re getting wind of money coming your way — freakin’ finally! Whether it’s a raise, a holiday bonus or epic gifts, you’re about to get showered! Get ready to dance in the rain of riches dear Virgo. Who said it’s not easy being green? It’s pretty sweet — just like you!

Virgo's Christmas song: It's Christmas Time Again —Backstreet Boys

Libra: Here’s hoping you have lots of friends sending you loads of party invites because you are soooo popular right now. Everyone wants to be your bestie — may the best one win!

Libra's Christmas song: Santa Tell Me —Ariana Grande

Scorpio: You’re hitting the reset button on a few things. Re: your love life, your wardrobe, your job. A breather is good, for everything — couples, singles, a closet of winter colors, you name it. Maybe get some last minute shopping in… a little red dress for that work mixer wouldn’t hurt. You can’t be the sexiest sign in the zodiac if you’re not a devil in a red dress sometimes.

Scorpio's Christmas song: The Christmas Song —Justin Bieber & Usher