Study Says Marriage Just Isn't A Priority For Young People Anymore

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Young People Aren't Getting Married

Marriage rates are declining...fast.

Today, more strong and independent women are dominating the work force. While we still have a long way to go, women have more options outside of traditional values such as staying at home or getting minimal education.

The modern progressive movement means that less people are devoting time to dating, getting into relationships and raising a family. Overall, marriage — which was once the be all, end all — just isn't a priority for the younger generation.

Business Insider recently took note of this trend and analyzed a chart by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers' Mary Meeker which takes a look at the percentages of people getting married today versus 50 years ago.

The chart reveals that "In 1960, 65 percent of the population between the ages of 18 and 32 were married, often getting hitched right after high school or college. By 2014, only 26 percent of the population in that age group were married."

If you compare the marriage rate of younger people today to decades ago, there's a huge discrepancy. A lot of this may be due to the fact that being single is no longer considered taboo. It's okay for you to live a successful life without having to share it with someone else, an ideal that wasn't widespread back then.

You can check out the chart here: