4 Scary Reasons First Dates With Randoms Are The Worst

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This just in: Strangers are lying to you about everything.

Growing up in a close-knit town right outside of New York City, I've known most of my friends and acquaintances since I was in Kindergarten. They remember the me in the sandbox, the me with braces, the me with side bangs, the me who was obsessed with Lady Gaga. And now, they know the new me who loves spinning, puns and pickles—all without any explaining or discussion of it. It's just easy.

While I love having a group of people who know me entirely, it also makes it hard to meet new people—especially guys. Because of this, the thought of going out with a stranger pretty much freaks me out. No friend in common? Swipe left. Online and off.

There's no one to sing their praises, no one to back them up when they text you something weird and no mutual friend's birthday party that makes it easy for your two groups of friends to effortlessly connect. There's no validation. Nope, strangers are just a handful.

Even if I hardly know the acquaintance introducing us, I'd much rather go out with a friend of a friend. And it seems like statistics are on my side on this one. If you too are afraid of going out with randoms, get ready to get spooked even more.

Hinge, the dating app that introduces you to friends of friends, released findings from a survey about how people behave on a first date with a stranger. And let me tell you, first dates with strangers are full of lies. LIES, i tell you.

And hey, it is Halloween after all. If scary is your thing then bring on the randoms. 

1. They're 18X More Likely To Lie About Their Age

Who lies about their age to someone they're interested in? Strangers, that's who. I can't tell you how many times I've met new people out who've lied about their age or tried to change their age later on in the conversation once they heard mine. (That doesn't work. I heard you the first time, creep!) One guy even covered his passport with his hand when we went to a new bar because he didn't want me to see how old (ahem, young) he was. Unlike a date with your friend's pal from college, the only number you can trust is the one on their ID— if you can see past their hand.

2. They're 72 Percent More Likely To Embellish Their Job

I recently went out with a guy who was in the fashion industry. Actually, he was getting his MBA. No wait, he's working for his dad's newspaper company based in Italy. No, I didn't get the story wrong, he just claimed to do all of these things at one point or another throughout the night. Who was he? #RANDO.

3. They're More Likely To Lie About Their Relationship Status

OK, enough with the lying, people! Just because you can doesn't mean you should. This one is probably the most horrifying because all you have standing in between potentially ruining a relationship is his word. And as seen above, who knows if you can even trust that?

4. They're 2X More Likely To Hook Up With No Intention Of Another Date

Well, I could've given you that stat without a survey included. Randoms want to hook up, especially men, who are 22 percent more likely to go for a one-night stand with a stranger. I'm not saying your friend's friend may not want just a hookup either but those horny strangers will go more out their way to try (key word try) to make that happen ASAP. 

Not so fast, buddy, we now know you're a 25-year-old with a serious girlfriend doing pretty much anything other than the finance job you claimed to be kicking ass at.

See the infographic below for more stats on first date behaviors.