Halloween Is The Perfect Excuse To Role Play In The Bedroom

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Play dress up in a whole new (sexy) way

Do you go full out for Halloween? Beyond the sexy cop outfit, do you also like playing a role, taking on a persona, and acting out your "tough girl" secret side? How about using your "Boo!" inspiration in the bedroom, too?

No matter how much you love your man, regardless of how amazing your connection is, sex can become pedestrian, boring, even blah. Halloween is a great way to initiate a little extra excitement. I'm not talking about your favorite Dalmatian or Yogi Bear costume (unless you're into plushies). Embrace the sexy costume (sexy nurse, cop, cheerleader, jailor, French maid, school girl), but then take it to the next level! Play the role. Own the attitude. Because let's face it: Guys like variety! But when they're in a monogamous relationship, they're kind of limited ... to one! Let Halloween inspire you to dress up like someone else, allowing your man to feel like he's being bad, but he's really being so good (and it will feel that way, too). It's almost like having a threesome. And here's the surprise plus: playing the role will turn you on as well as you get lost in the fantasy and wake another side of yourself that you may have suppressed for far too long.

So what kind of fantasy threesome would thrill your man? Not sure? Well, here's what to do:

1. Talk about Halloween costumes together

Does he think you'd look sexy as a nurturing nurse? Or what about a bubbly blonde cheerleader? Maybe the tough cop complete with handcuffs and a thigh holster? You won't know unless you ask. The conversation alone will get you both excited for what's to come.

2. Talk about your fantasies

Have you always wanted to play the role of the super perky blonde, just to see if they really have more fun? Do you imagine having a black chin-length bob and donning a leather corset with chains like a dominatrix? Ask him what he finds sexy and how he imagines you.

3. Wig it!

A wig just may be the easiest way to instantly alter your appearance. But don't just put on a wig and go on with your regular attitude: Play the role! Be the perky blonde, take one on the edgy dark-haired attitude, or fulfill the quirky redhead energy.

Remember, it's not just about the look, it's the attitude that makes the outfit. Stay in the role and don't leave it until your wig is off. You will be amazed by how much feminine power infuses your energy (so much so that your entire relationship can shift for the better). I know, because I transformed a relationship overnight by playing "dress up" and owning the role. Now it's your turn. If you have fun, buy a few different wigs and surprise him every couple of months. Pretty soon he will know that every time a wig comes out, his world will be rocked!