'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Didn't Propose, So Where's The Ring Now?

'The Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis and winner Nikki Ferrell
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Find out who Juan Pablo Galavis surprised the most when he didn't propose to Nikki Ferrell!

Juan Pablo Galavis pulled a first on The Bachelor last night by picking winner Nikki Ferrell but not proposing.

Turns out, she wasn't as surprised as someone else was: Jeweler to the stars, Neil Lane!

Lane dished to PEOPLE, "Juan Pablo was very enthusiastic and very focused about picking out a ring. He looked at all the choices, asked questions and was very direct. It seemed like he was enjoying the process." Lane added, "He studied the rings, and we talked about the differences between a cushion cut and an emerald cut. He liked that the cushion cut was a romantic stone. He was talking to me like a guy who is about to propose would talk, and he seemed to take it very seriously."

Or maybe he's just a good actor.

Insider sources say that Galavis had no interest in finding a wife and that he was only on The Bachelor for fame and fortune. (Or maybe infamy, as it were.) And he hinted himself that he's not really excited about settling down.

"You go onto this show thinking if one of the girls here is the one and there's the click and there's the connection and there's the love, you propose and you're married," Galavis said. "But if it doesn't, it just doesn't happen. And I think that's why some relationships have not lasted. Fortunately, Sean Lowe and Catherine got married, Chris and Desiree are together. Those are the good examples."

And to add insult to Ferrell's injury, "I don't feel there's a need to propose to somebody if you don't feel 100 percent." Ouch, girl! Run!

As for the 3.5-carat diamond and platinum ring? It's a real stunner, set with a central cushion-cut diamond and encrusted with over 240 smaller round diamonds. And now it's in the hands of ABC.

"The ring is now with producers and is not in Juan Pablo's possession," an on-set source said. "If a proposal doesn't occur on the show, the show holds on to the ring. If Juan Pablo decides to propose in the near future, the ring would be his for the asking. But much further down the line? It's unclear whether or not he'd still have access to it."

At this rate, it's safe to say that Ferrell won't rock those rocks anytime soon.


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