Oscars 2014! Life & Love Lessons We Learned From 'Gravity'


Who knew that getting lost in space could reignite your desire to live?

Gravity is heavy. The film focuses on just two characters, astronauts Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), who must work together to find a way back to Earth after their space shuttle is destroyed during a routine spacewalk.

The film has been a fan-favorite since its release in October, and it will soon return to theaters for that last awards show push.

Ryan and Matt heat up the screen in this powerful drama, even if they aren’t really the best of friends. Here are just a few of the love lessons these two taught us out in the breathtaking beauty of outer space.

1. True love doesn't always have to be romantic love.

Spoiler alert! Matt sacrifices his life in order for Ryan to have a fighting chance at surviving. Ryan had felt anxious about the space mission all along, but Matt was always able to tell her a story or distract her through the stressful situations. They weren't in love with each other, but they knew they needed each other to make it through alive. Once Matt realized the odds for both to survive, he made his choice. Ryan wouldn't have survived without the camaraderie of her fellow astronaut.

2. Whether you can or can't, you're right.

It's all about perception and mindset. If you're going to be a pessimist, bad things will happen to you. If you choose to be optimistic, good things will happen to you. It's practically science. For Ryan, if she chooses to give up, she'll die in space. If she chooses to live, she'll find a way to live. No one was going to come rescue her. Sometimes the outcome is really only based on whether your head is in the game.

3. Never stop loving yourself.

As the situation becomes more and more dire, Matt and Ryan discuss their lives back on Earth. Matt's retiring and this is his last mission. Ryan had recently lost her 4-year-old daughter and was beginning to feel she didn't have much left to live for. As a guardian angel would do, Matt talked some sense into her (even if it may have been slightly imagined) that sometimes being safe isn't the best way to live.

4. You have to learn when to let go and when to fight.

A parent who has lost a child will never stop grieving. But there does come a day when you have to remind yourself it's OK to start living again. For Ryan, she thinks about taking the easy way out. She's ready to give up. But an imaginary pep talk is her wake up call to appreciate the gift of life.

5. It's always going to be one hell of a ride.

Find your own epic bar story. Getting to tell everyone you know that you were literally lost in space and still able to make it back to Earth alive? Yeah, that'll get you some free drinks and phone numbers. Score!


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