Love Bytes: The 10 Best Things About Being Single

The 10 Best Things About Being Single
Love, Sex

Plus, making it work as a single parent.

HEY HAPPY LOVING COUPLES, being single isn't a curse. Sure, we singles have to put in slightly more effort to have sex or get a very thoughtful birthday gift but maybe it's OK since we can DO THESE 10 things. (Not included: hook up with someone new with out someone who "loves" us making us feel "all guilty" about it). (TresSugar)

Makeup isn't easy. Here are 5 tips to apply it and not looks like a cartoon version of a French prostitute in the Age Of Enlightment. (Spry Living)

Single parenting is a bummer. Now add to that a co-parent who lives on the other side of the country or the earth? You can still make it happen. (Daily Parent)

The 50 Best Party Cities In The World. If you can't get laid in Montreal, you probably won't get laid in Ft. Lauderdale either. (Guyism)

Does he even notice all of the work that went into getting your hair to look like it does? Yes, yes he does. (The Gloss)

Heavens to Betsy. What would YOU do if your guy didn't contact you for two WHOLE days? (A New Mode)

9 Tips For Surviving A Bar Crawl. It's fall and that means drinking season. Guys will think you're really, really, really cool. (Guyism)

Newly pope-ed Pope Francis discusses the shortcomings of the Catholic Church and what they could do to be a little cooler about marriage, sexuality, reproduction, women, etc. (The Daily Beast)

A 54-year old man is arrested after giving this 80-year old lady ove an exorcism. I just feel like our seniors should be allowed to enjoy eating and projectile vomiting split-pea soup without some whippersnappers tying them to a bed and shaking a cross at them. #GreatestGeneration (Huffington Post)

He's not your… boyfriend? What to do when someone you're dating still has an online dating account. (A New Mode)

Yeesh. I suppose water-birthing and hypno-birthing have been hot for a minute but a mess o' maternities these days are eschewing medical science. I'd say after 40-ish weeks of sobriety that you've earned an epidural. (Wet Paint)

Did he, um, purchase an engagement ring? And other signs he wants to marry your face off. (The Gloss)

Getting divorced? Do get in really good shape. Don't do these 7 terrible things. (The Stir)

Would You Rather: be single 4-ever OR be hooked up with Donny (or Donna!) Dull? (The Frisky)

Yeah, the sidewalk does end but Shel Silverstein can teach you a thing or three more about life than that. (Huffington Post)

The star of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta says prenups are a good idea. I really don't think America can afford to be embroiled in a Nene Leakes scandal. (Essence)

Are you a Libra? Do you know a Libra? Well, you best follow this advice or your life is going to be irrevocably ruined. (Glo.MSN.com)