Dating Advice Every Single Mom Should Know

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All the singles ladies need to stand up!

As a single mom, most of your time has been spent taking care of the kids and making sure that they get everything they need. But now that you're older and the kids are pretty much adults, the possibility of jumping back into the dating scene sounds really enticing. But even if you are ready to get back into the game, do you constantly worry about whether or not you're too old to be back on the market? If you do, we're going to have to stop you right there.

When author, marriage and family therapist Dr. Tina Tessina explains why it's never too late to start dating again, we couldn't agree more. She is totally spot on! It doesn't matter what age you are; if want to meet someone, you've got to go out there and explore. According to Dr. Tessina, the best way to do this is to "Get out there and do things you love to do." By doing the things you love (whether that is heading to art shows, sports events, etc) you will be able to make friendships which could easily lead to more. Putting yourself out there and meeting new people is crucial to finding love again. We're not saying that you have to move in with someone new immediately; it's all about taking it easy and just spending quality time with people who are looking for similar things in life. You've spent most of your time as a parent looking out for your kids — So now it's time for you to look out for yourself and your happiness.