Dating Disaster: My Crush Wanted My Help With Another Girl

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Love, Heartbreak

Despite my colleagues' teasing, I had no interest in dating Damon at first, a clever medical resident at the hospital where I worked. He was handsome, quietly confident and quickly became notorious for his love of puns, word play, and the dry aside that left some in tears.

When he first began his residency, he was engaged to a woman in South Africa. So, there was no real flirtation when I began to refer to him as "Demon," and countered his puns with some of my own.

But, I began to look for him at work despite myself. There was a long weekend off without his witticisms as  his fiancée was visiting. And then he returned to work. SingleDating Disaster: Are You A "Businessman" Or A Pimp?

I felt elated. He was available!

Now our banter wasn't as smooth as before. We were slightly awkward together, whether working together or silently riding up the elevator car. During a rare group lunch, a number of nurses, residents and even a medical student sat together in the nurses' lounge. The poor student was still rotating around to different specialties and hadn't seen Damon in over a month.

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