Dating Disaster: He Was A Jerk With A Wife

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I hadn't been on a date in about a year, which was when I had ended a five-year-long relationship with my last boyfriend. After six years, I was a bit rusty and not really sure where to find dateable guys, so I took a co-worker up on having her set me up on a blind date with a guy named Jeremy. I Went On A Date With A Guy Who Stank Like Hot Garbage

The first date went okay. We met at Chili's for dinner. We talked about our jobs, our families, and a couple of other easy topics. He wasn't aware that I had a four-year-old daughter, but didn't seem to have a problem with it once he did find out. All in all, the date went pretty well.

Our second date was at a more upscale restaurant. Jeremy picked me up this time, and on the way to the restaurant, he said, "I know you pride yourself on being independent, so I thought we could take turns paying for dinner. Since I paid last time…" I was taken aback. It was a bit of an odd thing to say, but I figured it was understandable in this economy and it was something I could deal with.

We sat down and our waitress came over to get our drink order. The waitress was pregnant and when she walked away, he commented on not seeing a wedding ring on her finger. He launched into a speech about how she should've had an abortion because too many women these days are content with being single mothers and all it does is harm the child and give them negative feelings towards men. I was shocked. First of all, abortion is not something that generally comes up on second dates, and secondly, I had just told him a couple of weeks before that I myself was a single mother. Dating Disaster: A Double Date Gets Double Drunk

As we sat eating our dinner, Jeremy's phone rang about every five minutes. The third time it started to ring, he took the call and got up from the table. He came back a few minutes later and thankfully, the subject moved away from abortion and to more normal topics. I heard his phone going off a few more times, but he didn't answer it again.

At this point, I knew there wouldn't be a third date, but didn't consider it a complete disaster... yet. Little did I know what was waiting for us in the parking lot. When we got to his car, there was a woman leaning up against it. I knew right away it was trouble. I figured it was a bitter ex-girlfriend or something. She immediately launched into calling him (and eventually me) every name imaginable and telling him she was going to blow his cover. After lots of yelling from her and pleading from him, I asked what was going on. The girl told me he was married to her sister and they had a two-year-old son. Eventually, both of them got into separate cars and drove away – as I stood in the parking lot both dumbfounded and stranded. Eventually I got a ride home from a friend and wasn't any worse for the wear, but I decided I would never go on another blind date again!

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