7 Questions To Ask On A First Date


Will your date have a second chance to make a first impression?

Have you ever had great conversation with a potential mate for hours on the telephone and decided to go out on an official date? Thus far , you think you have all the answers leading up to your date, but wait there are more questions? During dinner the lights are low, candles are glowing on the table and the moment is cozy; however now it is time to really let the "questions" begin.

While having a meal these questions are not meant to be asked in an interrogating fashion, but merely as a mean to find out if you are compatible with your date. Warning, do not pull out your list of questions unless you are prepared to have your date run from the table. These questions are meant to be asked primarily as an ice breaker or a getting to know you type situation.

1. Religious views. Be prepared to find out whether your potential partner has any religious affiliation. This is especially important if you are spiritually inclined and your partner is not interested or has a different value system than yours. You love Jesus and she or he is saying, "Jesus who?"

2. Views on children. If you desire to have children and your mate does not want any is there room for a compromise? Knowing the answer to this question should help determine whether your mate has existing children from another relationship. What kind of parenting skill does this person have?

3. Family oriented. What is a typical holiday like around your date's family? This allows you to gain insight into your date's family life and what is important. Which holidays does he or she celebrate? If you did not ask, do not be surprised if he does not celebrate Valentine's Day.

4. Longest relationship. Asking a simple question such as, "What's the longest relationship you have been involved in before?" can give you an idea of the persons experience in dating. This question can branch into follow up questions like, "Why did your relationship end?" Knowing the answers to these questions is ideal in determining if your date will having a second date with you.

5. Social activities. What you like to do socially? Broad questions can give your date several opportunities to tackle the answers anyway he or she chooses, but it allows you to determine whether you have similar interests. If he is a nightly clubber and you are an active outdoor sports person, will your schedules compliment each other? He likes eating out every night and you enjoy cooking home cook meals.

6. Employment. Although there is nothing wrong with having a 9 - 5 job, someone who has a professional career may be more pressed for time. There are a few things that can be derived from a persons professions such as, personality, availability of time, or their potential social circle. Do you enjoy what you do at work? Most people will either brag or complain? Just ask.

7. Lifestyle choices. Does your date enjoy working out and eating healthy? If you are someone who likes living a healthy lifestyle, this could be a deal breaker for you. A nice way to approach this question would be to ask your date, What do you think about Zumba dancing or cycling? This should help you determine if you have a couch potato or someone who cares about their physique. Although you could probably determine by your date's odor, is your mate a smoker or an excessive drinker?

After having a wonderful meal, if you are able to address most of these questions you should able to make an accurate assumption about the second date. Use this time to listen to your date's answers carefully without interruption, however the intent is to remain engaging during the conversation. The more receptive you are, the more comfortable your date will feel about divulging more information.




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