Why I Only Date Bisexual Men

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Almost everyone has a type—the bad boy, the lumberjack, the math nerd. I have always liked bi guys.

I never went out specifically looking for bisexual boyfriends. But most of the guys I ended up dating just happened to be bisexual. Almost everyone has a type—the bad boy, the lumberjack, the math nerd. For me, I have always liked bi guys.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the '90s, a strange time when gender variance suddenly became cool. Kurt Cobain was bi, Billy Joe Armstrong was too—there was a certain punk rock chic to it. And as if magically timed to correspond with a '90s nostalgia trip, bisexual men have been in the news a lot lately, thanks to a recent study from Northwestern University proving that bi men do exist, after all. Also I've recently been spending way too much time watching "gay chicken" videos on YouTube—a game in which two straight guys make out and whoever pulls away first is the chicken. Mmmm.

Growing up, I was intrigued by the relationships my boyfriends had with their guy friends. I was crazy about my own female best friends, sleeping in their beds, writing strangely poetic letters to them. And I noted there was a similar passion among dude friends, just expressed in totally different ways. The Frisky: Mythbusting Bisexual Men

Simon was my first boyfriend to use the word 'bisexual.' Simon waffled on his sexual identity, usually saying he was straight—but every time he came back from an AFI concert or Vans tour, he would totally be bi. For weeks after, he'd wear eyeliner and fishnet tops (our unfortunate idea of being edgy.) And I'd also begin to flirt with the bisexual label, fantasizing about lady musician lovers—Brody Dalle of the Distillers, Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill, Theo of the Lunachicks. The Frisky: I Thought I Was A Lesbian

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Written by Rachel Rabbit White for The Frisky.

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