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Plus, 10 ways to tell that he totes digs you.

It's almost October, witches. While I'm excited about the holidays, I am a little bummed about having to wear turtlenecks all the time.

Do you know what the Bro Code is? It's a largely unwritten set of rules that define how men deal with each other, largely in the context of sex and relationships. The most central of tenets is: Do not lay with another bro's sweet boo even if they're only sweethearts in his mind. Guyism breaks down the most egregious violators of the code on television. 

Some guys are strict adherents to the old Bro Code, but otherwise completely unfaithful. Glamour chats up 102 dudes about what constitutes cheating in their book. I think I'd like to read this book. 10 Signs A Woman Is Cheating: Do They Ring True To You?

And now the heavy, heavy, heavy feature of the evening. Good Men Project discusses the nature of sexual consent. The nature of verbal consent, verbal non-consent, non-verbal consent and non-verbal non-consent. Great read: Good luck coming away from it feeling good about anything.

Aaaand we're back to good things. Getting things rolling on a first date isn't always easy-peasy-eyebrow-tweezy. But How About We has 20 sure-fire conversation starters that will not make you hate yourself for asking — or hate him for answering.

Sometimes a guy hits you with his best shot... interest-wise. And you're often turned off. So, dudes have to amp up the subtlety. My good friend Matt Titus (writing for iVillage) gives you 10 signs that a fella totes digs ya.

Frankly, it may be totally up to you whether or not things go to the next level. Per Ask Men, women are more interested in having casual sex than ever. Thank the lord. We were getting soooo tired of wearing tuxedos and evening gowns during sex.

From sequins to jerseys. Rich Santos (from Marie Claire) discusses the VERY difficult balancing act of a man, his sports enthusiasm and the presence of his ladylove. Can we all agree that pink jerseys are wicked retah-ded?

John DeVore (duding it up at The Frisky) takes a tongue-firmly-in-cheek approach to the list of whom you shouldn't date (i.e. don't date a gynecologist because he'll always be comparing you). Unfortunately, he manages to eliminate every single type of person there is from his list. Fortunately, it's a satirical list.

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