Are you shy? Still meet the person of your dreams!

Are you shy? Still meet the person of your dreams!

Recent studies have shown that ninety percent of all communication is non-verbal. Ninety percent! So what you are NOT saying speaks volumes. Now you probably have been in a situation before where you seen your dream guy and you would love to approach him but just can’t. Most women have the same feeling, and generally speaking, they prefer for the man approach them. So what can you do?

Sheila an expert on East Indian Dating advises "People unconsciously give off signals, especially non verbal ones. You just have to be aware enough to make sure you are giving off the ones that you intend. Chances are you are an attractive, highly intelligent women who has a lot to offer the right man in her life, but you just haven’t met him yet. By refining your non-verbal skills you can improve the number of men who approach you for dates, thereby increasing the odds of meeting your right match. And more importantly, you can direct your non-verbal cues to men you want to meet, letting them know you are available to be approached."

 Here are some basic sure fire ways of letting a man that you are interested in know that you want to be approached.
1.  Make eye contact. I do not mean that direct stare that you see in the cheesy chick flicks. It should be a subtle glimpse in his direction, make eye contact, and then look away.
2. He will notice, once he does, SMILE. This will give him an invitation to say hello to you. This also shows that you open and friendly. If he does not approach you then he is probably not interested. At least you will not be left wondering if you let an opportunity slip away.
3. Now let’s say you are lucky enough to chat with your dream hunk. Continue using your non verbal tricks. First be attentive, let him know that you are listening to him and what he is saying. When you talk to him, touch him. A gentle touch on the arm shows that you are interested in him.
4. Mirroring is another subtle method to create a feeling of bonding between two people. It naturally creates a feeling of rapport and trust. The trick here is to follow the other person’s movements with a 30-60 second delay. You do not want to be caught directly mimicking what he is doing. Behaviors that are OK to mirror include leaning forward, taking a sip of a drink, hand gestures when talking, tapping your foot, and facial expressions (smiling, raised eyebrows, or lookingaway).

Keep in mind that if you are doing your best with non-verbal communication, but it just does not seem to be working, then it may be time to change your focus. Try it with another guy to see how you do. It will take some practice to feel natural and at ease, but the effort you put into refining your non-verbal skills is well worth it.

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