Lamar Odom Texted Ex To Inform Her Of Wedding

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Khloe Kardashian's wedding shocked Liza Morales, mom of Lamar Odom's three children.

Imagine you're with a guy for over a decade, you have three children together, one of them passes away and the two of you see each other through the grief, and then the relationship doesn't work out.


But then imagine that two weeks after your ex starts dating someone new, he sends you a text that reads, "Getting married soon - want the kids to meet my future wife."

You'd be jolted...but then you might think it was a joke, right?

According to Celebitchy, that's exactly what Liza Morales thought when Lamar Odom dropped her a text reading exactly that message. Morales thought the shocker was a joke because in the decade she was with Lamar, he was a "commitment-phobe." She reveals that clearly Khloe Kardashian's wedding is a publicity stunt and that just last month Odom was talking about getting back together with Morales:

In August this year he was talking to me about rekindling our relationship and being a family again but I told him that our two kids, Destiny [11] and Lamar Jr. [7], are getting older and I didn’t want to confuse them any further. Unfortunately, he hasn’t actually seen them in the past three months and when it comes to being a father it’s time that he really stepped up to the plate in that respect.

So why didn't Lamar just marry Liza? Sadly they had an infant son who died from SIDS at only six months. Morales says that was a challenging time for them: "...when we lost Jayden it hit him really hard and that definitely had an effect on our relationship—it was a big part of us growing apart.”

But it's one of the things that can happen in real know, the world the Kardashian girls occasionally do have to live in.

Photo courtesy Flickr user joshua_d.