Is Wedding Night Sex Any Good?


Although there are still people who wait to have sex until
they get married (they’re called very young brides who will be divorced by the
age of 20, but that’s another story), most of us have had sex before we get to
our wedding night. Usually, we’ve even had sex with our groom.

Perhaps in an attempt to recapture the idea of the virgin
bride, there’s a new trend in wedding advice for brides. A lot of people are
recommending taking a sex-break before the wedding.


The idea is that if you take a two-week or one month break
from sex before the wedding night you can recapture the magical “first time”


Here’s the thing though, do you actually remember your first
time? Even your first time with your now fiancée? The truth is, first times
usually range from horrible to “eh, that was ok.” Why would you want to
recapture that feeling?


Wedding night sex can already be a minefield. After all,
you’ve spent months planning one event, the event is over, you still have a
little leftover stress, you’re a little drunk, your feet hurt, you’re
exhausted, you haven’t eaten all day… does this really sound like a recipe for
a great passion-filled night?


Why add in the pressure of not having had sex for a month?
This is the perfect time for relaxed, married person sex. No big performance,
just a little “wham, bam, thank you ma’am.” Then, get a good night’s sleep,
wake up in the morning and go at it like sex-starved bunnies for the rest of
the day!


Wedding planning can be stressful enough, why remove the
greatest stress-reliever of all times just when you need it the most?