Last singles event for me?


Ha, ha! Well, I went, I sipped, I left. I lasted an hour. Not to imply that it wasn't a nice event, but mostly the group seemed composed of about 90% women, and younger women at that. There were a few men. The ones my age always seem short. I'm only 5' 7", so it's not like I am being picky.

A man did come up and talk to me when I was outside, taking in the view (most of the women were REALLY into the wine-tasting part of the whole thing.) Turns out he is from nearby. So much for driving, what 50 miles?! But, it is the first time in I don't know how long that a man has approached me to talk! After a while we didn't have much to say, and I hate to say this. He was a very nice looking man, probably a few years younger than I am. But he used bad grammar. Just once, but there it was. So I didn't try to pursue anything. I'm sorry, but that is like having no teeth to me.

Being in this part of the state is so pretty in springtime, and it was a nice drive down and back. I was way overdressed. I just wore a dress and black sweater, but I wore black pumps and most people had pants and sneakers or sandals on. I think there is a happy medium in how to dress for this type of thing, but I didn't see it today. I probably looked snooty and yuppy, although I was not carrying anything "brand name." I love my one Coach bag, but also love stuff from Target.

The wine wasn't that great and was pretty expensive, if you chose to buy a bottle. But I am not a wine drinker, so I should not speak badly of it. After you strolled through the 4 buildings that were serving wine (and one with beer) you went back to the main room where they had tables set up and people were starting to get nibblies. Looks like they were going to serve sandwiches.

That is where I felt out of place. I mean, everyone else had come with a friend, and there I was, all alone. I didn't know where to go sit, so I decided to leave. I had already seen the few men there and decided that none were my age, (or my height.) And, I am guessing they were surrounded by women, anyway. What alternative does a woman all alone have in a situation like this?

And, yes, I did end up at the grocery store, and I did get my cat litter, so I guess the day was not a total loss. I now have a cat on my shoulder, drooling onto my laptop. She's one of two (and the one who is almost toothless, hence the drooling) My doggie wants a walk but I am hoping my daughter will show up and I can just ask her straight out to do it!

Now I am going to hang up all the clothes I dumped on my bed when I rejected them in my trying-on frenzy earlier, and then I am going to read up on Ireland, in preparation for my trip to visit the home of my ancestors, in July. Life is good in so many ways.

On another note, is anyone out there interested in Astronomy? I especially love the stars this time of year. I have binoculars and if I have a teacher, would like to try getting a small telescope sometime. The stars fill me with hope.