Details, Details

Details, Details

Colleen and Fred pick out tuxes, admire rings and address invitations.

When I set out as an engaged person, I swore I was the anti-bride. I didn’t want to get swept up in all the hoop-la of planning a wedding—and turn into a national youtube bridezilla phenomenon. I think I’ve done a pretty good job keeping my cool, but it’s impossible (if you’re having a somewhat traditional wedding, like we are) to ignore the details all together. At some point you actually have to do stuff—and that point was this past weekend.

Fred and I finally went to Men’s Wearhouse and picked out his and groomsmen’s tuxes. When I announced that I was clueless to the saleswomen (I’m not exactly a fashion guru), they laughed and made it a pretty painless experience.

Then we went to a jewelry store to find his ring. This was a challenge. Fred has gargantuan knuckles. I never really noticed before he squeezed a size 9 ½ ring over his knuckle and then it swam around his skinny, bony finger. (I mean, I really hope our kids don’t inherit his knuckles. It’s kind of gross.)

We have a friend who had a similar problem, although his knuckles aren’t as huge as Fred’s, and he bought a wedding band with a clamp, so it slides over the knuckle and then tightens on the finger, preventing it from being loose and annoying. It’s a great idea, but of course it cost $1000, compared to the $300 rings Fred tried on. Has anyone else ever had this problem? It doesn’t seem to be that common because there are only a few companies that offer these type of rings. We’re going to one of the stores that does so Fred can try it on and then decide what feels best. I have a feeling we’ll be shelling out the extra money.

Finally, I spent the rest of the weekend addressing our invitations. Fred’s so lucky he has horrible handwriting (probably due to his abnormally large knuckles), or I would have made him help.

So, those are a few more details checked off until the big day, which is in 9 ½ weeks, by the way. Which means I only have 4 weeks to get down to my wedding-day size. Is is possible to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks, one may ask? I’ll keep you posted.

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