Is My Boyfriend Hiding Something?

Is my boyfriend hiding something?

“Is my boyfriend hiding something?”

I have been dating my boyfriend for three and a half years, but I feel like he keeps secrets from me when it comes to little stuff like his friends or his job. Why does he feel he can’t or doesn’t want to be honest with me?” - ‘In The Dark’ Born 10/24/84, NY

Dear “In The Dark,” You, Lolita of love, vivacious vixen—with a grip so firm you can stand by your man through hailstorms and sunny weather—are about to undergo an extreme relationship makeover. No, there is no plastic surgery in your future, but you are about to morph from a snoopy, Sherlock Holmes to a happy congenial Betty Crocker faster than you can say Miracles Do Happen.

Why? With Saturn in Leo squaring your five planets in the secretive, manipulative, cunning, sign of Scorpio until early September—you’re about to have a tent revival style, come-to-your-senses, clear-headed epiphany about love.

That will mean adjusting to the fact that your live-free-or-die boyfriend has four planets in the sign of Sagittarius—meaning he’s a wild child who wants his free range chicken to pluck and cluck anywhere he wants. But your dark side just might turn to bright light if you learn to trust yourself and the one you love.

Let me free you from the chains of Hercules by suggesting that you look at your main complaint about your main man from a different point of view: Keith works where he works and has friends that he likes, but as long as he always comes home to you, drop the need to know everything about the work and the friends.

Because his Saturn is in Scorpio, which touches your whole-lotta-planets in Scorpio, the Solomon in me says this is an affair that, with time and more open-ended communication, might one day end up at the altar.

I could go on forever and tell you that you two fit like a hand-a-glove and that what you don’t like in him—and vice versa—is going to be where you find the pure gold in your relationship. You are a bit too possessive, so if you want this love affair to see you together until the end of time, drop the need-to-know-everything attitude.

In other words, change you to change the relationship into one worth keeping. The two of you are out of this world astrologically compatible, so when the time is right—and you will intuitively know when it is—say “Yes” when he asks “Will you?” and live as happily ever after as you two will allow.

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