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Worker Reveals 'Lazy Girl Strategy' She Used To Receive A $40,000 Raise Despite Being A 'Terrible Employee'

Photo: @yourtechgirly / TikTok
Avni Barman

A worker revealed how she was able to get a five-figure raise at her job despite not being a top-performing employee.

In a TikTok video, Avni Barman, who works in the tech industry, explained to viewers a tactic that she used to keep track of all of the minimal tasks she completed at her job that would've been overlooked, which eventually led to her getting an impressive raise.

Barman shared the 'lazy girl strategy' she used to receive a $40,000 raise at her job.

"I was probably one the worst employees of all time. I still got a $40,000 pay bump because I did this one thing right," Barman began in her video.

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She explained that at one point, because of things going on in her life, she hadn't been the best employee. To make up for that, Barman would document every task she was asked to do by her manager or would do on her own. "It was a bulleted list of any project I'd ever done. I would link the page or if I was sending a Slack message that took me more than five minutes, I would screenshot it and put it on this page."

Barman pointed out that being able to come up with accessible metrics of why you should get a pay raise when it comes down to the amount of work you do in a day is a challenging thing to keep track of.



"Oftentimes, the work you do isn't as simple as 'I saved this amount of dollars,'" Barman continued. "The problem is that people that have the power to raise your pay or promote you are not people you work with on a daily basis who can actually vouch for you."

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She claimed that documenting all of the work you do for your job counts as proof of quantifiable impact that no one can argue against.

"Because you tracked all of these little things on a page, it's very easy for you to, at the time of your promo cycle, go down this list and see which ones actually moved a needle," she said.

Barman claimed that a lot of the time, it can be hard to remember all of the tasks you've completed when it comes time for an evaluation by a manager. However, with her strategy, she acknowledged that it's the best way to keep track of all the big and small tasks.

"The best way to quantify large impact beyond just your main projects that you're assigned to that are basically your roles and responsibilities [is] to show that you went above and beyond and went outside your scope is taking all the little micro-actions and adding up the total impact of what that is."

She promised viewers that if they used her strategy as a part of their everyday tasks, by the end of the year, they would be guaranteed to get a sizable pay raise.

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People in the comments were unconvinced that this qualified as a 'lazy girl' tactic.

"This isn’t lazy, this is providing value as an employee," one TikTok user pointed out, while another user agreed, writing, "Sounds a [little] like you are downplaying your efforts.

"It's not a lazy strategy, you earned it!" another person said.

Other people were impressed by Barman's tactic and admitted that they would start using it too.

"This is so helpful. I did my boss’ job for an entire year, he was let go but I didn’t get promoted, need to document all my work!" a third TikTok user shared.

A fourth user added, "Keeping a brag sheet is key… I just wrote my annual review yesterday and was panicking til I opened that sheet and was reminded of everything I do/did."

Asking for a raise can be a delicate process, but with careful preparation and a professional approach, there is a chance of being granted one. Regardless of the outcome, it's best to remain professional, continue to excel in your role, and consider other opportunities if your compensation expectations are not met in the long term.

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