The Dark Side Of Each Venus Sign

An underdeveloped Venus sign can make its negative traits more prevalent.

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Venus is a benefic planet, which means it can bring luck and prosperity during one of its transits, especially when it comes in contact with a natal planet. 

But as with all zodiac placements, there are negative traits of each Venus sign as well, especially if the Venus sign is underdeveloped.

Usually, Venus is linked to love, romance and creativity. It is a planet that shows us more about our value system and self-worth as well as the partners we can attract. Venus teaches us about our sense of style, our taste, and what brings us overall joy.


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However, there is also the other side of Venus that can lead to overindulgence, narcissism, and a need to possess others.

While you may already know the good things that your natal Venus sign can bring, you also need to be aware of the bad traits that might pop up if your Venus sign is underdeveloped — and what you can do to evolve.


Negative traits of each Venus sign

Aries Venus

Aries Venus might be the adventurer and the romantic at first, but the more a partner gets to know them, their hidden traits come to light.

This Venus sign focuses on what they want in the present. Aries Venus is willing to throw everything away in a relationship for a period of excitement and lust that they could regret in the long run. 

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Taurus Venus

The romantic and doting Taurus Venus will be passionate and caring. However, this is a Venus sign that will resort to manipulation if they feel they are losing control in a relationship.


If things get extreme and they do not want to let go, their stubbornness will enable them to continue feeding off the toxicity of the relationship if they don’t walk away. 

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Gemini Venus

It is easy for the native to captivate any partner with their knowledge and their maturity. Nevertheless, if the Gemini Venus is bored they will start to wonder if they should stay or go.

They tend to embrace the negative side of their Venus sign if the connection is going nowhere with their current partner and need an excuse to move on.

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Cancer Venus

Nurturing, caring, and always there for their lovers, this is a loyal and trustworthy water Venus.

As conflicts begin to rise in a relationship, this sign can be on the more manipulative side if they don’t get what they want out of a relationship. They could play emotional mind games to gain the upper hand. 

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Leo Venus

A Venus sign known for their huge and loving hearts, Leo Venus knows how to make their partners feel loved and adored.

However, if there is conflict, Leo Venus might resort to petty tactics. If their partners are not giving them the attention they deserve or if they feel unloved, they will stir drama and feed off the energy to feel validated.


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Virgo Venus

This Venus placement expressed love differently and it is practical, devoted, and patient. The Virgo Venus knows how to do acts of service for their partners to show them love and appreciation.

Things can go sour for this sign if they begin to resent the ones they love. Their critical nature will have them saying hurtful things and might even use their partner’s flaws against them in an argument.

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Libra Venus

No surprise that Libra’s dark side will be their codependency. This Venus sign needs to learn to be more independent and not to be as reliant on having someone to feel good about themselves.


Libras can be manipulative if they are underdeveloped and will use their wit to entice their partners to stay with them.

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Scorpio Venus

Those with this Venus sign can be wrathful, vindictive, and unforgiving when they are betrayed. Instead of moving on, they will hold onto grudges for the long term, even when they are in a new relationship. Sometimes they can bring their old grudges from the past into a new relationship if they suspect their partner is up to something.

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Sagittarius Venus

The dark side of this Venus side is that they can ghost their partners. Sagittarius Venus will not lament walking away if they do not feel that their partner’s philosophies are no longer aligned with theirs. They will also act pretentious if they no longer respect or trust their partner.


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Capricorn Venus

One of the most compassionate and devoted Venus signs will have a very self-absorbed and greedy dark side. The underdeveloped Capricorn Venus will prioritize themselves before their partner. They will also be more focused on amassing material things that make them feel accomplished. 

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Aquarius Venus

The charming and friendly Aquarius Venus will seduce their partner by presenting to them a different side of themselves. Once they are in a committed relationship they let their friends dictate the state of their relationship.

Their dark side emerges here since they usually side with friends. Before diving and committing to a relationship, they need to be honest with themselves.

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Pisces Venus

Venus is exalted in Pisces because they will give their all in relationships and this is where their dark side pops up.

Those with Pisces Venus need to learn not to fall into a dream state when they are in a toxic relationship. It is ok to experience reality and not leave the rose-colored sunglasses on. Learning to let go might be tough, but it will help build character in the long run.


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