8 Lucky Aspects In The Natal Chart

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The natal chart consists of many placements that can help us uncover our potential, including just how lucky we are.

Every single person has a dose of luck in their chart because Jupiter and Venus are in everybody's chart. These two planets are known as benefic placements since they can initiate energy that builds our confidence which could be deemed as "lucky." Any natal planet making an aspect to benefics can be considered "lucky," even if it is with malefics.

Aspects such as the trine and sextile can also indicate luck because these are easy-flowing placements that can help push us to where we want or uncover our potential.

Below are a few aspects that can feel like getting an extra dose of luck. There are other lucky aspects and placements in astrology, but the aspects below can feel like receiving a gift from a crush or extra marshmallows added to our hot chocolate — they make things sweeter.

Lucky aspects in the natal chart

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1. Jupiter conjunct the North Node

Nothing brings more power and luck than having the benefit conjunct such a peak placement in our charts like the North Node. Jupiter is setting the stage for greatness and the native has to be prepared to practice patience because aspects of the North Node involve being determined and expecting slow progress. It is a journey, but the native has the focus to get to where they want.

2. Venus in Pisces

There's a double dose of luck with this placement in the natal chart. Venus is exalted in Pisces and ruled by Jupiter, making those with this placement magnetic in all aspects. They can have luck in love, easily make friends and appreciate their sense of worth. Although Venus in Pisces can lose its grip on reality when in love, the native must respect their boundaries before committing to a relationship. Once the native knows to protect their energy and boundaries, they can feel the benefic’s influence in their lives. 

3. Venus trine Jupiter

With the trine and sextile, Venus and Jupiter can flow in a passionate dance without the chaos the conjunction may bring. When Venus and Jupiter come together in a native’s natal chart, it makes them charming, alluring, and vibrant. There will be a great love and respect for learning and growing. They want the best for others. They are very generous, loving, and selfless. Just like those with Venus in Pisces, having this placement means learning to protect your boundaries because Jupiter’s expansive nature may let them get carried away in love. 

4. Venus trine Moon

The trine is an easy-flowing aspect, giving the native chance to breathe and remain in control. Although the conjunction could prove to be beneficial as well, it can be too harsh at times for the Moon, bringing out energies that can make it feel out of balance. When Venus is in a trine aspect to the Moon, it brings comfort, hope, and calm. The native can be blessed with a good social circle and close friends. They know how to attract people since their energy can be magnetic and awe-inspiring. Venus here allows the native to get out of its shell, radiate, and take center stage without hiding who they are.

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5. Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, bringing some luck to the native. Of course, Jupiter in Pisces and Sagittarius can bring positive energy, but when a planet is in its exaltation, it can make it the star pupil in our charts. Jupiter here can bring a grounded sense of purpose.

The sign of Cancer is all about harmony, love, family, and power. Having this cardinal sign in a Jupiter placement can make the native have compassion for others while also assuming a leadership role. They will know how to use their talents to improve, they will not back down from what they want because they are resilient people. Jupiter teaches the native that to reach the summit, having compassion, self-confidence, and purpose can help them get there.

6. Jupiter conjunct Sun

Jupiter in contact with the Sun is a powerful aspect that can help the native be a trailblazer. Having such a powerful and enigmatic placement allows the native to see the bright side of things. Luck comes easily because they have faith in themselves and will take the necessary steps to achieve their goals and dreams to take flight. Jupiter enjoys browsing for information and preparation. There is a side of Jupiter that is similar to Mercury. The native devours the information around them in hopes that it can allow their Sun energy to shine brighter. 

7. Jupiter in the first house (Sagittarius or Pisces Rising)

Having Jupiter in the first house denotes blessings and overall luck. Sagittarius and Pisces Risings are the Jupiter-ruled signs, so having these placements also falls in this category. Jupiter here creates expansive energy, allowing the native to pursue their heart's desire. Pisces energy excels at manifesting.

Even when life throws challenges at Jupiter rising, they somehow know they can overcome and triumph even if it takes them many years. Their optimism and unshakable faith in their purpose can allow them to reach for the stars.

8. Benefics in the 11th house

With benefics Jupiter and/or Venus in this house, the Saturnian energy is activated, allowing the native to dream big and go beyond their desire. The 11th house is the house of praise and rewards as well as friendships and social connections. Those who lack faith in themselves will learn with time that they have so much potential and energy within that helps them understand their worthiness. Benefics here will allow the native to stand out with confidence with time.

It can be a beautiful placement in the long run, especially if the natives build nice friendships and communities with like-minded people that aim to do good for society.

If you don't have any of these placements in your natal chart, it doesn't mean you will never have good luck. Instead, the aspects here typically indicate extra good karmic luck.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.