Meaning And Effects Of The Trine Aspect In Astrology

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trine astrology aspect

When reading an astrology chart, one needs to look out for the five major astrological aspects: conjunction, opposition, square, sextile and trine. And while a few of these are considered positive and others more challenging, all of them can behave interchangeably depending on the actual connections observed.

For example, the trine in astrology is considered a really positive aspect to have in a chart, especially if you have a trine between your “big three” which includes your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs.

What is a trine in astrology?

The trine aspect in astrology is formed when two planets or points are 120 degrees apart from each other. This occurs in the same elemental family of the zodiac. That means fire signs trine with fire signs, water with water, earth with earth, and air with air.

Here are the four zodiac groups that form trines with each other:

  • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The common elemental energy is the reason why the trine is one of the most positive aspects in astrology. It naturally creates harmony and camaraderie between the planets and points. In fact, if the natures of the planets allow it, the trine aspect can even blend the energies together to create a new normal, like in a trine between Sun and Mercury. But even dissimilar planets like Saturn and Venus do well when they are joined in a trine.

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Trine astrology meaning in the birth chart

Because of the harmonious nature of the trine, when this aspect is present in a birth chart, it reveals that the native is relatively sure-footed and self-assured in that area of their personality.

For example, if there's a Sun trine Moon in the birth chart, the native will almost never have to deal with internal conflict between their mind and their heart. Their natural talents and selected goals will also be well-aligned. If this trine is in air signs, the person will be extremely erudite and easygoing. In fire signs, they will take up space wherever they go and will be well-suited for high-powered, high-visibility careers. In water signs, they will naturally understand the emotional undercurrents in their environment and know how to make them work in their favor. In earth signs, they will be extremely sure-footed and steady as they progress through life.

But the trine aspect can sometimes turn negative when it manifests in the manner of “too much of a good thing is bad.” For example, Neptune trine Venus can make a person delusional about their romantic chances when they have a crush on someone or make them gravitate towards people who are unrealistic about love and relationships and only crave fairytale-esque affairs that evaporate with the night.

In general, though, a trine aspect is a positive one and bestows good luck, interesting talents, and other good things on the native.

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Special trine formations

What's better than a trine? A Grand Trine. This is a special trine formation that's seen when three planets (or points) are spaced 120 degrees apart from each other and occupy all three zodiac signs of the same element in an astrology chart. It looks like an equilateral triangle on the zodiac wheel.

For example, if a chart has a Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo, and Venus in Aries forming an equilateral triangle, it's called a grand trine. It magnifies the positive benefits of a regular trine, blessing the native with massive advantages in life. People who have this in their birth chart seem to cruise through life with extreme ease. Or, they have unusually strong willpower and personal drive.

Trines in synastry

In a synastry chart, the trine aspect between two people reveals that they will make excellent friends or romantic partners. It even creates a strong bond between a parent and child.

For example, Sun trine Mars synastry reveals that two people will have incredible sexual attraction towards one another and will boost each other's confidence, drive, and self-esteem. Even dissimilar planets work well in a trine, like the Sun trine Saturn synastry connection which makes two individuals respect each other's opinions and brings a conservative energy into their relationship that reduces impulsive mistakes.

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Transiting trines

The trine aspect can also form between a transiting planet (or asteroid) and a planet or point in a person's birth chart. This creates periods of good fortune and ease in the native's life and is usually very beneficial for the individual.

Of course, a trine formed with a transiting inner planet like Mercury, Venus, or Mars will be very short-lived. But one with an outer planet can create months or years of benefits for the native.

For example, transiting Moon trine natal Venus only lasts for one to two days but creates a pocket of opportunity for deepening one's bond with one's significant other, or even finding new love! On the other hand, transiting Jupiter trine natal Sun can make the next six months to one year of the native's life incredibly lucky.

Trines with fated points like the North Node or South Node can even bring in one's soulmate or a significant opportunity into a person's life.

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