What It Means If You Have A Grand Water Trine In Your Natal Chart

It's a rare and powerful aspect.

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There are lots of aspects in astrology and many of them form various relationships with one another that impact our daily lives.

One of these aspects is called a 'trine.'

The rare grand trine is a harmonious triangular formation of three planets that are three zodiac signs (or 120 degrees) apart and in the same element, either fire, air, earth, or water.

Zodiac signs that make up the grand water trine

A grand water trine is made up of the three water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


Just like water, water signs can expect a more intense sense of comfort, calmness, and tranquility.

The grand trine in water also has the ability to heighten one’s senses to feel more at ease and headstrong when it comes to decision-making.

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Scorpio is a fixed energy.

Just as calm and cool as the waters of the ocean, the same holds true for Scorpios.

However, when the water trine is in formation, you will feel an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity than ever before.

You will have no hesitation in your decisions and will continue to feel confident in what you believe in.

Your confidence may encourage you to take more risks and even find success in your journey.


Pisces is a mutable energy.

Because of your strong intuition, you may notice more intense and vivid dreams due to how aware your conscious mind is.

Take these with a grain of salt but try to understand how these dreams could be correlated to your feelings and relationships.


Your friendly nature may also attract others, so expect to meet a few new people along the way, potentially a love interest.


Cancer is a cardinal energy.

Cancers are deeply in tune to everything going on around them.

However, with the water trine in formation, your instincts and gut feelings are even more powerful than before and there is no uncertainty when it comes to decision-making.

Trusting your gut feeling will open you up to greater opportunities and will allow you to have a clearer vision of other people's intentions.

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Pros and cons of the grand trine in water

The grand trine aspect is generally a lucky aspect. Those born with the grand trine in the birth chart may seem to get through life easier than others.


However, this can also breed complacency. 

This placement is very in tune with themselves and their emotions as well as the emotions of others. They have no issues opening up about and reflecting on their life and it's likely that most conversations you have with someone born with this placement will be a deep one.

While this placement is a good person to go to in times of need, they may not be the person to go to if you just want to vent as the grand water trine is a fixer who will pry to get to the core of any issues you may have.

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