8 Ways Astrology Warns You You're About To Meet Your Soulmate

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Planetary transits can shift our world in an instant. They can make our lives more or less exciting while bringing reflective periods and growth.

Certain planetary transits are also known for being soulmate indicators in astrology, presenting us with a time that's prime for meeting your person. 

This is especially true if that transit activates your natal Venus and the ruler of the 7th house, bringing powerful connections. They will show us where we need to improve to build more solid and meaningful relationships in the future.

Powerful soulmate indicators in astrology

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1. Transiting Jupiter conjunct, opposing, or squaring natal Venus

Jupiter in a harsh aspect to your natal Venus can bring a karmic connection. Just because they could resemble a soulmate, it does not mean the connection will last.

However, the person that enters your life during these harsh transits will awaken you and show you new parts of yourself. You will see a mirror through them. The person could transform your ideas, motivations, and dreams.

After meeting them, your perspective on love, relationships and marriage could completely change. The foundation is set early on and only time (and strong Saturn aspects in synastry) will determine if the relationship is a hit or miss.

2. Transiting Pluto sextile or trine natal Venus

Pluto could be seen as bad in relationship astrology since this outer planet has a reputation for initiating groundbreaking change. Radical love and the way you want it in your life could be directly linked to a Pluto transit.

Pluto will bring someone that can seem like the ideal type with positive flowing aspects like the sextile or trine, who will bring someone that will know how to balance power and control more healthily. It is a period of igniting our inner power as well.

The harsher ones can usher in hurt and powerful inner work.

3. Saturn transiting the 7th House

People are generally fearful of Saturn transits since they make us do unwanted work. When these transits occur in the 7th house of partnerships, it could make us even more apprehensive.

If you have hidden away from your problematic tendencies in relationships, Saturn will have you confront them.

But Saturn brings significant gifts into your life in disguise. Saturn makes you work hard on yourself when it is in the 7th since it is opposing the Ascendant. When you do the work (really do the inner work), you can attract someone that will be committed to you in the way you desire (other aspects allowing).

In some cases, the transit could even lead to marriage.

4. Jupiter transiting the 7th house

Jupiter transiting through the 7th can make you feel like the life of the party and attract other happy and vibrant people that reflect your energy.

Be logical, do not fall for sweet talk, and to be very firm with what you seek in a relationship.

Jupiter will expand the opportunities for you to meet many people during this transit which can be either exciting or daunting (especially when you attract the same people over and over).

Be patient, go slow, and enjoy. But also know that even if the person seems ideal, you still need to ask questions and discuss your long-term plans if you seek something more serious.

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5. Sun conjunct transiting Jupiter

When the Sun, which represents your vibrant nature, comes in contact with transiting Jupiter, you are very much open to meeting new people.

Jupiter can surprise you and show you a new side to yourself and a partner that will appreciate you for who you are. You feel empowered by your philosophies when attracting someone with the same values.

During this transit, you learn to love yourself and love the idea of love because Jupiter reminds you of your amazing qualities.

6. Venus in hard aspect to natal Venus

Although this is a quick transit that usually lasts less than a week, meeting someone during this time could be a lesson on valuing and appreciating yourself that will feel surreal and exciting. After all, Venus is all about your worth.

Transiting Venus in harsh aspects to your natal Venus can reflect that there will be challenges in this relationship, but there can also be unconditional love between both parties.

7. The Nodes of Destiny conjunct natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house

A powerful karmic connection can happen when the Lunar Nodes make an aspect to your Venus or 7th house ruler.

During these 18 months, the person could radically change your world either positively or negatively. Meeting someone during this transit feels easy. You can open up to them and discuss your future and they are receptive since you could represent their ideal.

8. Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn conjunct, opposite, or square the ruler of the 7th house

Whenever the transiting planets activate our 7th House ruler, you get to meet many interesting people. Sometimes, that person could be the one.

Jupiter and Venus are benefics, meaning they bring about positive energy. Jupiter will bring someone that matches your philosophy while Venus will bring someone with the same views on romance and material wealth.

Saturn brings commitment and focus, which manifests as a reliable person. It will expose the areas where the relationship needs strengthening as time goes on. We do the work with Saturn and your partner will be obliged to go with you on this journey.

While Jupiter and Venus have us seeing the stars and love in our eyes early on, Saturn brings us the lessons, patience, and guidance to progress and weather the storm of time.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.