The Astrologer's Guide To The Taurus Child Personality

Raising a Taurus baby? Find out how to encourage your little bull's strengths.

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Parenting a Taurus child can definitely be an interesting experience. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. If your child is a Taurus he or she was born between April 20th and May 20th.

Taurus child personality

If you have or are expecting a Taurus baby, he or she will be relatively calm and composed, generally happy and quite stubborn — even when a baby. They are naturally calm by nature but when they are forced to do something they are not interested in doing you will find out why the symbol for Taurus is the bull. Taurus tends to become set in their ways at a very early age and they don’t like change or disruption. It is going to be difficult to be the winner if a battle occurs between you and little Taurus.


Unlike some of the other Sun signs, Taurus does not take to change at all. Taurus is and will be a creature of habit and routine. Surprises are not something that Taurus children enjoy, unless, of course, it is something they want or have been looking forward to. Otherwise, they will rebel against surprise, unexpected change or anything that takes them out of their daily routine. Adapting is not an easy trait for a Taurus child to acquire.

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Taurus is deeply in tune with their senses, especially touch. He or she may want to be held more so than other children, and they are naturally loving and susceptible to praise and positive reinforcement. Taurus does not like any type of physical discomfort including wet diapers. Their sense of touch, feeling and even smells will influence your child throughout his life. Physical comfort is necessary for Taurus to be happy. Since Taurus is ruled by the senses, don’t be surprised if this child doesn’t develop tendencies like thumb sucking or putting small toys in their mouth. Pacifiers may help with this problem.

You can expect your Taurus child to be generally well-liked when it comes to school and making friends. Since their nature is so laid back and sweet they typically make friends easily and learn toward sunny and cheerful dispositions!

Parenting a Taurus child

Since Taurus is a child that is so in tune with the physical senses, the first thing to look at when raising a Taurus is food and comfort. Taurus naturally has a healthy appetite and generally likes food — good food, that is — and the older he or she gets the more apparent this will be. If your Taurus baby refuses certain foods, don’t sweat the small stuff. Taurus children like consistency and eventually they will branch out and try new things if not pushed.

Since baby Taurus likes physical as well as emotional comfort it is important to hold him and give as much affection as possible as he will thrive on this and return the love. Clean and comfortable bedding is important along with comfortable clothing, and as he or she gets older, attractive and eye-catching clothes. While a baby, Taurus loves to be swaddled in comfortable clothing or blankets.


As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is all about stability and security. Taurus children are basically emotionally stable and grounded, more so than other children. They like things to be familiar and the same day after day. While this may not appeal to every sign, this is how Taurus typically lives, even when a child.

Taurus will not respond well to unpredictable parents. Don’t re-arrange their room, move important items, or change their routine unless it is necessary. They like to be surrounded by what is familiar and if they keep items in a certain place it can cause trauma if you move them to a different location. You will find that your Taurus child is a creature of habit, and as he gets older can always be depended on.

Taurus won’t be rushed. They do things at their own pace and they are not built for speed. This does not mean they are slow learners or incapable of anything; they simply take longer to complete and accomplish tasks but once they do, things are generally done correctly.

Taurus is an earth sign and connected to the earth, so it is important to get them outside as soon as possible, either in the yard or a park. Since Taurus is so connected to the senses he will love the beauty of nature and plenty of sunshine. As children, they love to climb trees, dig holes, wade in the water, play in the snow or anything else as long as it is connected to outdoors. They will love vacations to the beach, mountains or any place where they can hike, camp or just get outside and enjoy the wonders of nature.


Taurus typically gravitates toward animals, so they will thrive if they have a pet, and learn to take the responsibility seriously. Your child will love visiting animal sanctuaries, zoos, farms, nature reserves or anything that involves animals.

If you have a Taurus, you are going to have to face the fact that you have a stubborn child. As a small child, he or she might also bite and kick. Yelling or screaming at a Taurus will never work, they will just become more stubborn or learn to fear or resent you. The appropriate thing to do is to teach them hitting or kicking is not ok. When they become stubborn, or go into a temper tantrum the best action is to keep calm and try and get to them to open up about what the problem is. You will never win through aggression or arguing and once a Taurus makes up their mind, they are very hard to sway if not impossible.

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Approach to raising Taurus children by element

If you are a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), raising a Taurus will be more challenging than other signs.


Aries is quick, likes speed, and is attracted to challenges which is the polar opposite of your Taurus child, even though it is the next Sun sign right after yours. You may feel a sense of urgency at getting things done, but Taurus goes at their own pace, which is generally right for them. Your Taurus child will teach you patience and the value of going at a slower pace.

While fire signs usually have no trouble showing their emotions, your Taurus child will not be so eager to always express what he is feeling, so you may have to talk to him in a calm way to get him to open up.

If you are an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) your natural lifestyle is basically compatible with your Taurus child.

You will naturally be tuned into each other and able to feel the others' moods. Taurus will appreciate your organization, structure and the way you approach things. You will teach your child practical day-to-day things that he or she will come to appreciate, especially later in life. If you are a Taurus you will be totally in sync with your child and if you are a Virgo or Capricorn you can also teach Taurus about work and efficiency. Since you are so similar you may need to be around other types of people with other viewpoints so little Taurus can expand his thinking.


If you are an air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius), raising a Taurus will be more of a challenge.

Your ways of viewing the world are so different. You are a thinking person and thought-oriented but your child is a stubborn earth sign who lives through the senses. Taurus likes stability, security and predictability, and you are often the opposite. The way to approach Taurus is by showing and explaining to them there is more than one way to do things and more than one way of thinking. This will work if you don’t become impatient or angry in the process.

If you are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) your natural temperament should match your child’s quite well.


You will both understand each other’s emotions and feelings and desire for love and affection. Since Taurus is creative and loves beautiful things arts and crafts might be something you can work with to create a bond. The challenge for you may be that you don’t naturally gravitate toward the outdoors or physical activities; this will be a learning curve for both.

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