11 Ways Astrology Warns You Someone's A Cheater

An astrologer reveals hints of cheating in astrology.

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Using astrology we can analyze the birth chart and determine personality traits and characteristics. Certain transits in the birth chart can determine the answer to the age-old, commonly asked question, "Will they be a cheater?"

While natal transits and placements may determine the probability of a cheater, it is important to remember that while a person may have some of these aspects all individuals have control over their own actions. Sometimes, these tendencies can be kept in check by conditioning, a desire to remain together, religious beliefs, maturity or some other reason. 


Having the transits of a cheater doesn't mean anyone has to fulfill that role but, in all probability, chances are strong that if an individual was born with certain transits that show cheating they will have a tendency to cheat.  

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To know if your significant other or love interest is a cheater, the transits in the birth chart should be carefully analyzed. There is no single transit for a cheater, there are many. Following are some of the most common aspects in the natal chart that represent those with a wandering eye prone toward straying or who are unable to make a solid commitment.

Signs of cheating in astrology natal charts

Birth charts of those who are serial cheaters typically contain a hard Neptune aspect. Not only is Neptune the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, it also rules secrets and lies. Neptune is a complex planet, but it’s usually there when cheating is involved. 

In fact, society began to change in the late fifties/early sixties, and an entire generation was born with Neptune in Scorpio (1957-1970). These individuals, in particular, are sometimes unclear about sexual boundaries since Neptune has no boundaries. Again, this is a generalization, and if you were born during these years it is absolutely no guarantee you will cheat!

1. Neptune square Venus

This aspect is common in the chars of those who have a hard time feeling loved. Sometimes, when these individuals get what they want, they discover they no longer want it. There can be conflicts in relationships due to over-idealizing love followed by disillusion. If you have this aspect you could also attract partners who tend to cheat on you. Neptune is a planet that does not easily recognize boundaries.


2. Neptune opposite Venus

This person has a difficult time balancing their ideals concerning love with the reality of a relationship and is often disappointed. Like the square, this aspect can lead to disillusionment once you attain the love of the person you felt so drawn to. Sometimes these individuals have multiple lovers and find it difficult to make up their minds about what they really want and with whom they want it.

3. Neptune square or opposite Mercury

This aspect can create a confused mind or someone who typically looks at reality differently from others. Sometimes these individuals simply change their minds with the wind, but in some cases, they have a questionable relationship with the truth. This is especially the case if Mercury or Neptune is in the 5th, 7th or 8th houses. 

4. Neptune square or opposite Mars

Neptune-Mars aspects tend to create confusion and cause this person to be secretive. Their actions are often shrouded in mystery. Mars rules sex and Neptune rules confusion or deception, so this is not an especially good combination when it comes to being faithful. This person craves glamour, so if things become routine, they may stray.

5. Neptune square or opposite the Moon

This is especially true when this aspect is in a man's chart. Neptune-Moon transits can create a great deal of confusion and lack of clarity in the personal life. It may be hard for this person to make a commitment because they are so uncertain about their emotional life and where they really belong. If they do make a commitment, they may not feel as though they are totally connected on a deep level and stray when there is pressure.


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6. Pluto square or opposite Venus

Pluto rules sex and is connected to the eighth house of sex. Pluto-Venus transits are associated with a great deal of passion and a strong desire for sex. In the natal chart, these individuals often find themselves involved with more than one person. If Pluto is transiting Venus in a conjunct, square or opposition, this is often an indication of an affair.

7. Mars square or opposite Venus

This aspect typically indicates a very passionate person who could have difficulty keeping their desires under control, especially when it comes to one partner. For this reason, individuals with this natal aspect often find themselves divorced or separated.

8. Venus in Sagittarius or Aquarius

Venus in either of these signs will find it hard to settle down with one person. They dislike the mundane and have a love of adventure and new experiences, and often crave freedom as opposed to being tied to one person. The same can go for Mars in either of these signs as well.


9. Gemini and Sagittarius

Another possibility of a cheater is someone who has a lot of Gemini or Sagittarius in their chart since they like to keep things interesting. These individuals are often not satisfied with just one partner and like to experiment and frequently have a dislike for anything that becomes permanent or in any way boring.  

10. Scorpio

The sign Scorpio often invokes a strong reaction from others. These individuals are usually mysterious and almost always secretive. They have a deep smoldering sexuality that is attractive to others and hard not to miss.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of shared/joint finances, change and transformation and sex. Sex often has a great fascination for these individuals and some will experience vague and uncertain states connected to emotional and sexual involvement with others. While Scorpio is known as a loyal sign, they are often loyal until they are not, and are known for leaving their lovers in a lurch when someone more interesting comes their way.


There are basically two types of Scorpios; the very evolved and those who are not. The quality of true loyalty generally lies with the Scorpios that have done the inner work and reached a higher spiritual state.

11. 8th house placements

The eighth house rules sex and Mars, Pluto, or Neptune in the eighth house usually indicates a person who loves sex and the erotic side of life, especially if any of these aspects are in hard aspect to Venus.

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